Reader Betty Boesen (“The pill is not about religious freedom,” AFN, Feb. 29) proclaims, “The pill is not about religious freedom” and “When did a hormone become a threat to religious freedom?”

Boesen then extols all the virtues of birth control pills... the virtues of which I have no quarrel. But she makes no argument whatsoever to support her claim that the virtues of birth control pills should override the absolute religious freedom guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Nowhere does she prove a right of the government to impose rules on a Catholic charitable organization that infringe their religious tenets.

From the tone of editorials and letter writers, I guess Pastor Martin Niemöller’s statement, “they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up...” is as apropos now as it was in Nazi Germany.

Now I fully expect our resident leftists to jump up and shout, “Bible thumper!”

But they are completely wrong... while raised a Methodist, I’ve been an atheist since I reached the age of reason.

But there’s no safety in that position. I understand that Hitler rounded up atheists as well. And I see no reason our present version should behave any differently.

Jim Thompson

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