Kyrene Superintendent David Schauer gave school choice two compliments in his recent discussion with residents. The first was direct: “We are offering lots of choices that we never had before...[school choice] has pushed some of us to do things differently.”

The second was a backhanded compliment: “We have a huge push for school choice, but without a lot of criteria around structuring what those choices should look like.” That’s right. Instead of folks like Schauer and state lawmakers getting to decide for everyone what their kids’ education will look like, families can now have more control over that themselves. The less government plans, the more individuals can do their own planning.

I happen to think that I know more about what’s best for my kids than just about anyone else, and I bet most folks feel the same way. So programs like this set us all free to seek out our own best path instead of being forced to walk someone else’s.

Joy Pullmann

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