The NSA surveillance has caused quite a stir. When we have a president that has been shown to be an American hater we have to be careful with how much information he has. When I say hater, I know that Obama lovers think that the conservatives are manufacturing lies to fit their agenda.

Let’s look at a few issues. Obama has admitted that when in school he attended flag burning ceremonies. How many presidents do you think have done that? Remember when you or I went to school we had to recite the pledge of allegiance every day, in school. He went to school in a Muslim country, where America was not liked. Our pledge went something like this: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…” We understood that burning our flag is the most despicable thing that one can do. He also became an Alinsky trained activist. Alinsky was an anarchist that had dedicated his life to the destruction of America from the inside. Alinsky didn’t believe that throwing rocks at police would be effective. Obama not only was trained in the efficient destruction of America, but had taught this activism, while working at ACORN (his only job). How many other presidents do you think have had this type of background?

Going back to surveillance. When Clinton was secretary of state Obama sent her to the UN to negotiate three issues: (1) A global tax for all Americans of $266 per year. (2) To agree to a Small Arms Treaty ... with the end result of collecting all weapons. (3) To prosecute all people accused of Islamaphobia in an international court. This way a person doesn’t have the protection of the Constitution.

In order to prosecute these people surveillance is required. He will then use this NSA surveillance to select information that contains certain key words, like Muslims, Islam, Islamaphobia, etc. This will locate people who criticize Islam. The attorney general will then try these “Islamaphobians” in international court, with the main goal of forcing them to spend all of their savings on lawyers. The government doesn’t really have to win these lawsuits. This can also work on gun owners.

When the government gets information like this, oppression is eminent (and is happening now).

Don Crook

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