Recently, I finished reading a book entitled “Mark Twain on the Damned Human Race” (edited by Janet Smith). It is a compilation of articles penned when Twain was employed by various newspapers and weekly publications. One article of interest concerned Congress, which Twain described as “a splendid all around competency in theft. It starts with farthings, and works its industries all the way up to shiploads.”

I propose that nothing changes over time — it is merely repackaged and marketed through Congress’s public relations firms: the mainstream media. Over the years, two of the massive lootings by Congress have been the Social Security and Motor Fuel Tax Trust Funds that supposedly are on deposit in the government’s mythical lockboxes but replaced with mythical IOUs.

I agree with former President Harry Truman, who said, “The only thing that is new is the history we haven’t read.”

Ray Schneider

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