Readers of this newspaper might like to know how the federal government’s monetary and fiscal policies will affect them.

Our addictions to high debt and cheap money have caused our creditors to call an end to dollar hegemony and support a de-Americanized world. We arrived at this condition because our central bank has forced our nation to rely on asset bubbles for growth, and prevented the de-leveraging of our economy by forcing down interest rates. They purposely inflated the money supply in order to have short-term growth, in exchange for long-term debt. As everyone can see, very little growth occurred, but long-term debt is going to be around for a long time, as we never have paid off any principal.

An eventual loss of confidence will guarantee surging prices and collapse of our economy, so look forward to sky-high inflation, with no way to halt it. This is what occurs when the FED decides to intervene in the market, but doesn’t know how to stop the intervention, without causing a depression.

Don Crook

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