I just read the article “Ahwatukee residents petition encourages ban on assault weapons” in the April 12 AFN.

First, my deepest condolences to all of the families impacted by any act of violence.

But since 120,000 people signed a petition, which could impact over 300 million citizens in the U.S., I’d ask that someone from that group please respond to a few questions. Maybe the person in the picture holding the sign with the words “Organizing for Action” could respond?

First, do you know what you’re asking to ban?

Holmes used three weapons: a Remington 870 shotgun, a Glock 22 handgun, and an AR-15. You know that only the AR-15 would be banned under the 2013 Assault Weapons Ban, right?

Second, do you know how many bullets were fired by the three guns?

News reports indicate that Holmes started with the shotgun, which has a maximum capacity of seven shells. A common shotgun shell is “00 buck,” which usually holds nine lead pellets. Each pellet is slightly smaller than a 9mm bullet.

If he fired all seven rounds, and if he was using 00 buck, then Holmes fired 63 bullets into the crowd. He fired at the back of the theater to achieve maximum spread with the pellets.

Holmes then dropped the shotgun switching to the AR-15. It had a 100-round magazine, but it jammed after 30 rounds, so he switched to the handgun.

Police found three empty magazines for the Glock on the floor of the theater. Each magazine holds 15 rounds. Counting the magazine presumably still in the gun, Holmes fired between 45 and 60 rounds from the handgun.

You realize that you signed a petition to ban the gun that only fired 30 bullets, while still allowing maniacs access to the guns that fired between 108 and 123 bullets, right?

Third, the Assault Weapons Ban would also have banned Holmes’s high capacity magazines. Hmmmm, the laws against murder, and the gun-free-zone restriction, failed to deter him, but we think he’d comply with a magazine restriction?

And the magazine limit does not even apply to the shotgun. How many bullets did that fire again?

Fourth, the article infers that the “assault rifle” was “the only way” for Holmes to inflict such carnage. Really? The AR-15 is the only firearm capable of inflicting unspeakable carnage?

I can point to dozens of firearms capable of doing equal or greater damage, every one of which is exempt from the Assault Weapons Ban.

We should just ban all guns, right?

Fifth, is the ban’s universal background check. Wait, Holmes purchased all of his weapons from licensed dealers who performed the federally mandated background check, which he passed. Never mind.

Sixth, did you know that “straw purchases of guns” is already illegal at the federal level? Maybe we need multiple laws for the same thing.

Finally, how many of you who signed this petition would also sign a petition demanding that Holmes be executed? He committed mass murder. Execution makes sense, right?

The “sensible reforms” you’re petitioning for seem to be lacking something, like common sense.

Bill Richardson

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