I consider the Ahwatukee and Chandler areas that make up District 18 to be very fiscally conservative and not so much socially conservative, yet our legislators continually vote with what their money handlers from the Center for Arizona Policy and ALEC push their way.

Come on Bob Robson, Jeff Dial, and especially you, John McComish. What are your own personal opinions on the need for SB 1062? You are either afraid of the money that CAP and ALEC throw around or you truly believe that the LGBT community should not be allowed to sit at the Woolworth’s lunch counter. Your votes are on the wrong side of history and not representative of your District’s constituents.

Then again my religious beliefs are strongly against politicians so this new bill would have allowed me and hopefully all other business owners in our communities to deny you services. You guys are bad for business.

Thomas P. O’Reilly

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