Don Kennedy's drivel ("Don't allow history to repeat itself: Socialism can lead to dictatorship," AFN, Feb. 1), equating President Obama's proposal to reorganize the federal bureaucracy to Hitler's 1933 Enabling Bill, plumbs the brain dead depths of politically reactionary fantasy. According to Kennedy, socialism always - not sometimes - leads to dictatorship and use of armed force against citizens by socialistic governments.

If Kennedy's charge is true, then the long-term socialistic Scandinavian welfare states - Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland - use "armed force" against their citizens. But no medium, even Fox News, has reported these speculative atrocities. How does Kennedy explain this anomaly? Has Fox News joined the liberal media conspiracy, intent on suppressing the truth?

Kennedy's commentaries always display fear-haunted stupidity. This latest exemplifies paranoid psychosis, total ideological detachment from reality.

C.W. Griffin

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Typical CW Griffin... all platitudes and no facts... Product of senility ?[innocent]

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