There seems to be a rising chorus in favor of the legalization of recreational marijuana. Proponents point to the so-called health benefits and the expected windfall in tax revenue. Old-fashioned common sense tells any sane person that inhaling mind-altering smoke is never a good idea, and collecting tax on the ingestion of the poison they call marijuana doesn’t make it a good idea either.

So these two arguments for legalization of marijuana don’t pass the smell test. Not convinced yet that recreational marijuana is a bad idea? Try this old-fashioned common sense test: What would your grandma say? Chances are the wisdom that often comes with old age would prompt your grandma to be against this hot trend. That’s a good enough reason for me to be against it and it should be a good enough reason for you, too.

Give it some thought, and go ask your grandma.

Napalai Cacioppo

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