While I normally enjoy the interesting exchange of ideas and occasional banter that appears in the Opinion section of this paper, I have to write to you because I have finally had enough of seeing Don Kennedy’s opinions published. Over the three years since I’ve been reading this paper, I have found his pieces to be inflammatory hate speech reflective of a self-righteous neo-conservative viewpoint that is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Regarding “Our National Suicide” (AFN, Aug. 31), none of your readers need to be told how they should vote. We will all make our own informed decisions and will certainly “sleep well” after our vote, no matter which way we decide. Given his frequent appearance in this paper, I hope Mr. Kennedy does not reflect the views of the editorial staff. Surely there must be other Ahwatukee residents with more value-added thoughts to express that would be much more worthwhile publishing than Mr. Kennedy.

Melanie Braunbeck

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