The recent article "A behind-the-scenes tour in China" (AFN, July 6), was very interesting, but did ON Fashion also tour the fur farms in China where they perform unspeakable cruelty to animals that you and I consider our best friends and part of the family?

Dogs and cats from the streets or stolen are crammed in crates, dropped from trucks as high as 10 feet (breaking bones) - and never have food or water. They are electrocuted anally, or bludgeoned to death, or strangled with wire nooses, or drowned by forcing water down their throats with a hose, or skinned alive so as to not damage the fur. The animals that are skinned alive continue to blink or breathe for up to five minutes before dying. Some of the most popular breeds are the German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers, and these beautiful, much beloved animals become collars on coats, linings in gloves or boots, etc. Not even kittens and puppies are exempt - gruesome evidence collected includes a coat made from 42 German Shepherd puppies.

I'm sure many of the animal rights groups have the shocking footage on their websites if you care to check it out. We need to do whatever we can to cut off the growth of the fur industry in China and elsewhere.

Buy all the replicas you want, but stay away from fur - an animal has suffered terribly and needlessly. And find out what you can do to help end this atrocity.

Sharon Hauser


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