Mountain Pointe played better this week and still lost, its first in the regular season since the start of the 2009 season.

The defense was fine other than the final drive.

Basha faced a 3rd and 11 after two plays of the winning drive. A QB sneak by Kyle Duran made it reasonable and then an option played converted a 4th and 4.

A stop on either of those, obviously, and the game goes another way.

The Bears also converted a 3rd and 10 later in the drive to keep it going.

One thing first-year coach Bernie Busken noticed when watching last season's tapes of Basha's games was the fact that the players seemed to tire late in games.

So he has made the team run like never before and all three Basha players I talked to after the game mentioned conditioning as the reason they were able to get the go-ahead score.

Make of that what you will.

I've been to enough Pride practices this year to know that they run a lot as well.

I think the main concern for Mountain Pointe is the offense. The line entered the year rather inexperienced but talented.

Right now, the inexperience is showing up more than the talent.

There also has been some miscomunication in the backfield - I can recall at least three times against Basha and maybe four times against Highland - where there was a broken play because someone went the wrong way.

All of them are new starters as well so it is just going to take time.

Will that that time come this week in the Ahwatukee Bowl?

Hard to tell, but that game isn't as easy to pick a winner after last night's action.

I wasn't there but it seems like Desert Vista played a pretty solid game, although there were eight more penalites, giving the Thunder 22 in two games.

Looking forward to my first game between this two "friendly" neighbors.

It is is friendly, right?

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