One of the pitfalls of being a sports writer is the impartiality that needs to be obtained to do your job properly.

It can be easier said than done.

Back early in my career I had a chance to cover the Cleveland Indians, the team that I grew up rooting for and attended as many games as I could, in the World Series.

It was difficult to watch impartially, but I did the best I could by writing about bad plays, errors and poor pitch selection.

I have since lost my fandom. I don’t really root for particular teams. Instead root for good stories.

It’s why I’ve enjoyed watching my friend, colleague and Ahwatukee resident Paul Coro during Desert Vista’s run to the state title.

Coro is a basketball nut. He loves the game. His rec basketball playing days are legend – wait for it – dary.

His jumper isn’t as well known as his ability to turn a phrase as a nationally respected basketball writer as he covers the Suns for the Arizona Republic and Coro is invited on just about every local sports talk show because the hosts know he will break the game down better than anyone.

In other words, he watches as much as basketball as anyone traveling around the country. He does so with impartiality. He breaks down the game and writes about it in depth at a very high level.

He knows the game inside and out, but, of course, he cannot show emotion.

That changes at a Desert Vista girls basketball game when he is watching the Thunder and his daughter, senior Jasmine. There is plenty of fandom there.

During those two hours he can watch the game as a proud dad, a member of the Thunder community and fan of the game.

It gives me hope.

My daughter is just seven but has shown a love for sports. I hope she continues to do so and becomes a valuable member of a team just like Jasmine in her time with the Thunder.

And I can sit back and watch the game for what it is instead of with a concerning eye.

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