Football: MP vs Hamilton

Huskies running back Tyrell Smith (1) is tackled by Pride linebacker Keondre Churchwell (15) during the football game between Mountain Pointe Pride and Hamilton Huskies at Mountain Pointe on Friday, Sept. 27, 2013.

[David Jolkovski/AFN]

The sentiment was everywhere along the sideline last Friday when Mountain Pointe beat Hamilton.

“Speed kills.”

“Fastest team I’ve ever seen.”

“They’re just too fast.”

I bought in as I said it was the first time I had ever seen Hamilton look pedestrian, implying the Pride’s speed was too much.

But after having time to think about it – and talk to some coaches – it isn’t necessarily speed that has led to Mountain Pointe’s success.

Other than Paul Lucas there is no one there is no with 4.5 speed. There are plenty between 4.8 and 4.6 so the overall speed is pretty good but is much more than that.

They are quick, which is different than fast, of course, more mature than last year and they also have high football IQs.

It adds up to fast reaction time, which is vital on defense.

The defensive players like Trey Lauer, Jalen Brown, Charlie Trevino, Markell Simmons, Dominique Fenstermacher, Austin Cronen and Mitchell Fraboni are making plays not because they are fast but because they are recognizing what is in front of them, digesting it and making the right decision.

It’s different than being considered fast. They are getting to the ball quickly because they have been coached up and they are reacting in a positive way.

Maybe it is splitting hairs and I am sure the Pride defensive coaches don’t care how they are classified as long as the until keeps making plays as Mountain Pointe travels to Desert Vista on Friday.

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