Something I didn’t get a chance to acknowledge at the time was the very cool gesture by the Gilbert volleyball team.

The Tigers led Desert Vista 2-0 during Thursday’s semifinal match, and the third game was close despite what Gilbert coach Jeff Grover referred to as “a few questionable calls” which went against Desert Vista.

It was 18-17 Gilbert leading in the third when a Thunder kill bounced off Tigers’ libero Chandler Baugh. It should have been a point for the Thunder and an 18-18 tie, but it was ruled out of bounds by the referee and line judge, and against the Thunder, which meant a 19-17 Gilbert lead.

“D.V. freaked out,” Grover told the Tribune.

Both Grover and Baugh knew the Thunder should have won the point, so Grover motioned for Baugh to go up to the officials and clarify the call, at which point Baugh said it bounced off him and should be the Thunder’s point.

“I was happy Chandler was OK doing it and he knew it was the right thing, and to be credited for it,” Grover continued.

The call was reversed and it was back to an 18-18 tie. The Thunder went on to win the game, though the Tigers won the match.

“Volleyball is a great game, you’re going to get and miss some (calls), but some like that I don’t want a victory because we knew it was the wrong call and were shocked they missed it,” Grover said. “I think there’s a lot of good in volleyball and also a lot of missed calls. The close ones you let go, but it was a pretty easy point to give up.

“The game isn’t bigger than what we are. We had to do what was right.”

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