That is it from Moon Valley. Be sure to check back for compelte results and game story at


HVY - Higuera (Buckeye) vs. Luna (Mesa)

Luna gets toss, gets up after kickng him out and back pedals but falls.. Higuera bum rushes they go out of bounds

2-1 speed and agility from both wrestlers

good exchange

2-1 Luna after one

Higuera takes down to start second

He escapes to make it 2-2

4-2 Higuera after 2 when Luna tries throw, but Higuera hips down and gets the two

Luna takes down to

And promptly gets slammed


Luna got to his feet, Higuera hip in picked him and brought him down hard with all of his weight

Could feel the air going out of Luna's body from here

He is OK and they are back at it

4-4 after Higuera kicks him out with 1:23 left

Luna tries Japanese whizzer but come up empty... not points

4-4 with 30 left

Double stalling

OT, not what I was wanting at this point

Cheesy Luna attempts another toss to no avial

6-4 Higuera after he hips down for the TD again



215 - Bambic (DV) vs. Allen (CdS)

2-1 allen after one; takedown was on the edge

Bambic down to start the second

gets escape at 1:30

Bambic takes a good shot with head inside and Allen just blocks it easily

Bambic takes another; Allen gets head and arm for the takedown and 4-2 lead with 37 seconds

4-2 after two

Allen take down

Allen escapes

Bambic working under hooks

Injury time out for Allen... his left hand/thumb are taped

Man, Bambic has another great shot that Allen just fends off

staling Allen at 1 minute

then Allen gets takedown on another head and arm


Stalling Allen

7-3 with 25

thats the final


189 - De La Vera (Pueblo) vs. Tucker (CdS)

De la Vera gets the takedown and picks up three back points in the process


Tucker gets escape

5-1 after one

Tucker on top to start second

De la Vera escapes with 1:00 left in second


takedown for De la Vera


Escape Tucker


Tucker down to start the third and escapes

And follows it up with a takedown on the line to make it a match

Tucker elects to go neutral


De la vera gassed

Tucker rushes in too fast on a shot and De la vera gets and east takedown for the win



171 - tough to follow that great match

But Schoepf (DV) and Gouker (BR) will try

Schoepf gets takes down on the edge off under hooks and 2 near fall

Gouker escapes and then gets called for scrapping the face

5-1 after one

Schoepf riding him pretty good, injury time for Schoepf

5-1 with 1:21 left

5-2 after Gouker escape at the 1:02 mark

5-2 after two

Schoepf takes down

Escapes for 6-2 lead off the whistle

Takedown Schoepf and kicks him out

8-3 with 1:15 left

Still 8-3 at the 20 second mark

Second stalling on Schoepf makes it 8-4

That's the final



160- Coleman (Mesa) vs. Gast (MV)

Coleman takes only real shot of the period but it leads to stalemate that maybe should have been called a lot earlier

restart at 15 seconds

0-0 after one

Coleman down to start the second

Gast tries to throw in the boots, but Coleman gets escape and takedown

3-0 coleman, locks up cradle but cant score

Gast escapes

3-1 Coleman after two

Coleman is son of a Rick Coleman, an All-Ameican at Indiana

They go neutral to start the third, Gast gets the takedown at 1:08 to tie it

Pot Dangerous call stops Coleman from getting a reveral

3-3 with 7 seconds left

3-3 heading to OT

Coleman takes bad shot, Gast gets head and arm, but Coleman works out of it and gets the TD with 13 seconds left

After crowd yells and refs talk it over it is waved off

13 seconds left at re-start

Coleman manages two shots, nearly gets the TD but Gast sneaks in whizzer

Gast  takes top for the second OT

Gast rides him out after Coleman never gets hand control

Coleman takes down in third OT

Gast rides him out

Coleman scores first so he gets choice and takes down

Nearly gets out on standup

Gast recovers, Coleman wrenches knee

injury timeout

20 secs left at re-start

Coleman stands up, Gast drops to knee..

match stopped for more injury timeout, but Coleman said he never wanted it

he has not injury time left

restarting at 8 seconds

never gets out despite bucking like crazy and kicking Gast in the head several times in the process

Gast wins



152 - Cox (CdS) vs. Selvy (Dysart)

Cox scores early, gets takedown and 3 near fall points on arm bar

Both wrestlers have their heads wrapped. Not sure if it is skin conditions or what.

Match stopped for Cox bleeding

Back at it, Cox cranks him over some more

7-0 after one

He is stronger and more aggressive than I remember

Selvy takes down

7-0 after two

Cox takes down

More blood time slowing match down

Selvy locks up cradle and turns Cox, 42 seconds left so he needs the pin or it wont be enough

Cox gets to base, match stopped for more blood

7-3 Cox with 29 seconds left

Cox escapes off the whistle 8-3

Selvy gets takedown at the buzzer 8-5


145 - Contreras (BC) vs. Wood (Horizon)

Wood nearly gets takedown on the edge but ruled out of bounds

Then Contrereas comes back with a sweet Fireman's carry for a takedown with six seconds left


Contreras down to start second period; gets reversal off the whistle


Wood escapes at 1:20 mark


Contreras goes to underhook but doesnt score off of it

6-1 after a quick and powerful re-shot for a double leg for Contreras

6-2 after two

Wood takes down and escapes at 1:55 on standup to close within 6-3

Wood forcing the action now, gets takedown on a re-shot of his own

then after re-start gets title for 7-6 lead

Blood time for Contreras with 1:03 left

Still 7-6 at 51 secs, restart with Wood on top

Contreras escapes at 27 seconds

tied at 7

Good flurry at the end but its going OT

Wood forcing the action, banging the the head, but Contreras gets the winning TD on a Wood shot. Contreras worked his way behind and threw in a leg

9-7 in OT


140 - Cordova (Peoria) vs. Bayer (NC)

Bayer gets takedown, Cordova escapes


Bayer gets big points this time, five-point move and 7-1 lead

Cordova takes down to start the second period

Cordova escapes to close with 7-2 with 1:23 left

Bayers hits a powerful inside single, picks it up and trips for the takedown


Locking hands on Bayer just before the end of the second period, 9-3

Bayer takes down to start the third

Bayer goes big with a reversal to cradle for the pin at 5:11


135 - Bux (CV) vs. Banayat (MV)

Banayat got the first takedown (didnt see because of interviews)

Bux escapes with 10 seconds left

2-1 Banayat after one

Bux defers, Banayat takes down

Banayat gets the reveral

Bux escapes with 25 seconds left to make it 4-2 and it pays off with a takedown and almost back points

4-4 after two

Bux takes down

Banayat throws in legs. but goes to his hips and Bux reverses with 1:15 left

Bux does great job of riding him out... called with stalling with 4 seconds left

Ends up with the 6-4 win for Bux

Best match of the night thus far




130 - Carroll (CV) vs. Andrews (BC)

Carroll grabs an ankle from one knee, but Andrews ends up with the 2 after scooting and throwing in the legs

2-0 Andrews after one

Andrews down to start second period

ANdrews gets a reveral near the 1 minute mark to go up 4-0

Stalling warning on Carroll with 4 seconds left in the period, then he gets hurt with 2 seconds left

4-0 after two

Andrews goes neutral to start third and gets a TD off the whistle for a 6-0 advantage

Andrews ends up winning on default after Carroll's left shoulder cant take anymore







125 - Mathers (DV) vs. Coranado (SMtn)

Mathers gets initial takedown

2-0 after one, Coranado defers, Mathers takes down

Escapes off the the whiste


Mathers pushes lead to 5-0 with a smooth Hi-C that he switched off to a double

Tilt for 3 near fall

8-0 after two

Coranado takes neutral

Mathers gets a takedown for 10-0

Rides him out for the maj. dec.


119 - Hunt (SMtn) vs. Felix (Pueblo)

Felix gets takedown and 2 near fall points on separate occassions for 6-0 lead after one

Felix chooses neutral after Hunt gets cleaned up for some boold time

Hunt showing some life, getting a double leg on the edge

6-2 Felix

Felix gets reveral to negate Hunt's momentum

Stalling warning on Felix at 37 seconds left in the second, leading 8-2

Hunt takes neutral to start third, trailing 8-2

HUnt tries headlock at 30 sec mark and misses as Felix slips the head for a TD and 10-2 lead

It finishes 10-3



112 - Cortez (Apollo) vs. Maxson (Horizon)

Maxson gets TD, kicks him out, gets another TD just before the first period buzze

4-1 after 1

Maxson chooses down

Maxson gets to his feet, 5-1 at 1:32

Mexason makes it 7-1 with third takedown at 33 seconds

7-1 at the end of two

Cortez takes down, escapes at 1:25


Cortez takes a couple of shots but Maxson keeps fighting him off

7-2 final




103 - Trejo vs. Gallego

Trejo gets the initial takedown despite Gallego being the aggressor

Trejo kicks him out, and Gallego immediately gets a takedown.

3-2 Gallego

Gallego throws in legs, gets back points, but Trejo gets the defensive pin at 1:57


Still doing announcements of the finalists

The finals are held in the dark so I apologize for all of the typos ahead of time.


Team standings

1. Corona 571

2. Desert Vista 512

3. Mesa 467

4. Moon Valley 431

5. Boulder Creek 415

6. Horizon 409

7. Pueblo 403

8. Camp Verde 360

9. Blue Ridge 319

10. Show Low 319



Sorry so late. Long story.

Anyway, championship matchups:

103 - Trejo MV vs. Gallego (Pueblo)

112 - Cortez (Apollo) vs. Maxson (Horizon)

119 - Hunt (SMtn) vs. Felix (Pueblo)

125 - Mathers (DV) vs. Coranado (Smtn)

130 - Carroll (CV) vs. Andrews (BC)

135 - Bux (CV) vs. Banayat (MV)

140 - Cordova (Peoria) vs. Bayer (NC)

145 - Contreras (BC) vs. Wood (Horizon)

152 - Cox (CdS) vs. Selvy (Dysart)

160 - Coleman (Mesa) vs. Gast (MV)

171 -Schoepf (DV) vs. Gouker (BR)

189 -De La Vera (Pueblo) vs. Tucker (CdS)

215 - Bambic (DV) vs. Allen (CdS)

HVY - Higuera (Buckeye) vs. Luna (Mesa)




Hello all,

  Welcome to the first live blog of the wrestling season. It is will be a little different than last year's deal.

  This website doesn't update as fast as the one I did this one last year. So I will only updated after every period instead of after every scoring situation.

  I hope to go live at 6:30 with the finals starting at 7 p.m.

  Until then read my feature on Desert Vista junior Kendall Love, who finished second in state in Indiana last season.

  Remember the freshest take will always be at the top.

  Thanks for visiting.

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