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Outstanding wrestler awards for Blackford Duals

TEMPE - Ok, it is about time I got one of these up and running.

We are live from the inaugural Steve Blackford Duals at Arizona State's Wells Fargo Arena.

The hope is that this becomes the unofficial state dual tournament in the years to come.

There are 32 teams from all around the state and from all divisions.

The first year doesn't have every top team as schools like Desert Vista, Ironwood Ridge and Corona del Sol had out of state commitments.

Here are the rules:

The most fresh take will be at the top, scroll down to the bottom to see old results.

There will be misspellings and delays. I am doing the best I can to keep up with the action but it is not always easy.

Feel free to log-in to the web site by creating a user name and comment along. I will try and respond if I can.

Lastly enjoy.

Chandler listed first, Campo Verde second



Chandler 40, Camp Verde 30

106 – Moran (C) pin Gnadt, 1:37

113 – Sanchez (CV) dec. 11-5

120 – Reyes (C) dec. Nevarez, 13-5

126 – Brady (C) pin Doll, 1:24

132 – Faber (CV) pin Devine, :49

138 – Moran (C) pin Hawk, 1:46

145 – Stryker (CV) by injury default Hale

152 – Buelna (C) dec. Cox, 8-6.

160 – Savage (C) pin Hess, :31

170 – Alvarado (C) dec. Jensen, 7-3.

182 – Braden (CV) pin Miranda, :35

195 – Buppert (CV) pin Nakiso, 1:13

220 – Lattner (C) pin Duffy, :29

HVY – Sokhy (CV) dec. Hoyt, 3-1.

Third and fourth

Horizon 35, Mt View 35 (Horizon wins on first criteria – penalty points as Toro assistant had unsportsmanlike conduct that took away a team point)

106 – Ford (H) pin Stevens, 2:17

113 – Matt (H) pin Atwood, 1:03

120 – Maxson (H) pin Anderson, 3:08/

126 – Penuvri (MtV) pin Ong, 1:50

132- Nielson (MtV) pin Bender, 1:45

138 - B. Monty (MtV) forfeit

145 – Wood (H) dec. S. Monty, 10-9

152-  Imonode (H) dec. Mason, 11-3

160 – Huber (MtV) dec. Bolton, 7-2

170 – Ryan (H) pin Segal, 2:24

182 – Imonode (H) dec, Welch 11-3

195 – Huber (MtV) pin Duran, 1:30

220 – Overly (MtV) pin Fiskel, 1:07

HVY – Vasike (MtV) dec. Los, 4-1.


Horizon won 35-35 on criteria after the a team point was deducted a team point from Mountain View on unsportsmanlike conduct on an assitant coach.


HVY - Hoyt vs. Sokhy

0-0 with about 15 seconds left in the first

Hoyt down to start the second

Hoyt escapes for first point

Neutral to start the second

Sohky pulls out the win, 3-1

Chandler 40, Campo Verde 30



220 - Lattner vs. Duffy

Lattner with takedown, locks up cradle and gets the match clinching pin




195 - Naisko vs. Buppert

Buppert with first period pin



182 - Miranda vs. Braden

Braden with first period pin

Chandler 34, Campo Verde 21


170 Alvarado vs. Jensen

Alvarado up 5-1

Alvarado wins 7-3

Chandler 35, Campo Verde 15



160 - Savage vs. Hess

Savage gets the pin within 35 seconds



152- Buelna vs. Cox

Buelna with the initial takedown

(Mtview got a pin at 195 to close within 35-26)

(Horizon with an other pin 35-32)

Cox escaped at the final seconds

4-4 match early in the second period

6-4 Buelna after takedown

Cox takes down to start third

Escape makes it 6-6

Buelna gets the takedown for 8-6 lead

Buelna gets the win for a 25-15 lead for Chandler


Hale wheeled off to ambulance.

Team score 22-15 Chandler



With the championship match delayed because of the Hale injury, we will focus on the third place match

Horizon is up 31-21 with Imonode up 2-0 at 182

First time I've seen him wrestle. Pretty raw. Good athlete, still learning, with some baby fat.

He is up 9-1

Horizon up 35-24


145- Hale vs. Stryker

Styker leads 6-2 after one period

Stryker gets a takedown for 8-2 lead

He locks up a tight cradle for three backs and 11-2 advantage

Escape by Hale

Take down and back points for Stryker

stopped for injury time for Hale

Looks to be a neck injury.. he's been down for about 5 to 7 minutes. they are going to take their time with this one


As an aside, Bryant Wood of Horizon built a 8-2 lead and held on to beat Mt view's Seth Monty 10-9 and Horizon leads 21-18.



138 - Moran vs. Hawk

Moran with a quick takedown

Moran gets three backs and going for another pin and gets it with about 10 seconds left



132 - Devine vs. Faber

Faber with a toss and a secures the pin with a headlock

16-9 Chandler


126 - Brady vs. Doll

Brady with two takedowns, and three back points for 7-1 lead

Brady gets the pin at about the minute mark



120 - Reyes vs. Nevarez

Still scoreless about 45 seconds left (cant see the clock)

ASU beat Boise 27-9

Reyes gets first taked with eight seconds left and almost gets fall points

Nevarez down to start the second period

Nevarez earns takedown


Reyes gets takedown and then nearly misses backs again, this time out of bounds

Nevarez sits out, Reyes sucks him back for three back points. Neveraz escapes

7-2 Reyes after two


Nice duck under by Reyes for 9-2 lead

Nevarez escape, Reyes takedow 11-3

Escape Nevarez to take away the major


Chandler 9, Campo Verde 3

Mt View 18, Horizon 8


112 - Sexton vs Sanchez

Sanchez with the intial two, but Sexton gets the reverse

Sanchez escapes

3-2 Sanchez

Injury time for Sexton (blood)

Sanchez gets takedown, back points on a tilt (two points)

Escape Sexton


Sanchez defers

Sexton takes down, escapes


11-5 after escape and takedown

Chandler 6, Horizon 3

120 - Reyes vs. Nevarez


The action has started at 103

Moran vs. Gradt

Moran gets five point move start, kicks him out on the restart

and secures the pin

6-0 Chandler





ASU is beating Boise 2103 trough 165


Chandler handled Mountain View 38-16 to get in the finals.

106 - Moran (C) pin Stevens, 2:43.

113 - Sexton (C) pins Atwood, 3:08.

120 - Reyes (C) dec. Anderson, 8-3.

126 - Brady (C) dec. Penonuri, 14-6.

132 - Devine (C) dec. Nelson, 5-3.

138 - B. Monty (MV) dec. Moran, 4-2.

145 - Cole (MV) maj. dec. Duenas, 13-3

152 - B. Monty MV) dec. Buelna, 2-0.

160 - Savage (C) dec. Huber, 8-6 OT.

170 - Alvarado (C) tech. fall Segal, 18-3.

182 - Miranda (C) maj. dec. Welch, 10-2.

195 - Huber (MV) dec. McFarland, 6-5.

220- Lattner (C) maj. dec. Overly, 12-2.

HVY - Vaiske (MV) dec. Hoyt, 7-0.


Campo Verde knocks off Horizon 36-34 when Campo Verde heavyweight Matt Sohky got a takedown in OT to beat 3-1.

Didnt know much about Campo Verde before this tournament, but what a performance.



Just sat down.

Semifinals are still going in - Chandler 34 to 13 over Mesa Mountain Viiew and Horizon 34, Camp Verde 30


Here are the first round results from the championship pool

Chandler 45, Dobson 24

Mesa Mountain View 34, Marcos de Niza 34 (criteria 4, most match wins)

Horizon 45, SDO 30

Campo Verde 36, Gila Ridge 23



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Chandler and who in the finals ?

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