The question wasn't really meant to be answered.

Yet I’ve asked it several times over the last three days. I knew it but out it came anyway “How is it going this week?” I seemingly asked it of anyone wearing a Mountain Pointe or Desert Vista logo this week.

The responses were all similar –‘great,’ ‘terrific,’ ‘good’ – as one would expect.

What are they going to say? ‘We are practicing like garbage’ or ‘So-and-so is useless and I don’t know why he is even on the team.’

Of course not.

It’s not like I was looking for an in-depth answer anyway. It was kind of like the guy in the office or your apartment building you pass all of the time and ask “How are you doing?” without sticking around to find out the answer.

I’ve been to a few practices this week to get a feel of how it was going – at least in my mind - anyway and it seemed to me that both teams, at least through Wednesday, were handling rivalry week well.

Some of the coaches were a little excitable at times, but in general it is seemed like any other practice I’ve been to over my three seasons of covering these teams.

In talking to coach Dan Hinds of Desert Vista  he said the practice week should be like a “slow boil.”

I thought it was a great description. As a coach you don’t want the team expending a lot of emotional energy unnecessarily on Tuesday or Wednesday with the game still days away.

They were getting the game plan in place, hammering it home in practice, watching plenty of film and getting ready to unleash all of it – the preparation and emotion – between 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. or so on Friday.

From what I saw, I expect a well-played and respectful game on Friday. I really have no clue as to who will win. I have my opinions, of course, but really I think it is anyone’s game.

We will find out the truth come Friday night and by then I won’t have to ask anyone how it is going because it will be displayed prominently on their faces.

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