Robbie Mathers was so close.

One loss in the semifinals as a freshman kept the Desert Vista senior from joining Arizona history as the 28th four-time state champion in wrestling.

In four years at the state tournament, he went 21-1 with the lone defeat coming at the hands of eventual champion Chandler's Vidal Mejia by the score of 11-3 four seasons ago in the semis.

"(That loss) drove me to work harder," he said. "I didn't want to fell like that again."

Three titles and third place finish along with 128 career wins is a career 99 percent of competitors would be happy with when it was all said and done.

And yet I got the sense, Mathers wasn't quite all right with how that one match turned out.

Anyway, here is the list of the 27 four-time champions in Arizona history.

Brian Honyouti from 1962-65 for the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind.

Frank Vargas from 1962-65 for the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind.

Earl Plunkett from 1968-71 for the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind.

Alvaro Fenn from 1973-76 for Benson (2A)

Art Hamlett from 1975-78 for Gilbert (4A)

Willie Paul Maxwell from 1976-79 for Santa Cruz (3A)

Sammy Chagolla from 1980-83 for Peoria (4A)

Paul Salazar from 1981-84 for St. Johns (2A)

Ernie Molina from 1984-87 for Peoria (4A)

Wayne McMinn from 1985-88 for Apache Junction (4A)

Rob Roy McMinn from 1989-92 for Apache Junction (4A)

Aaron Simpson from 1990-93 for Antelope (2A)

Ted Rico from 1992-95 for Miami (3A)

Nick Frost from 1996-99 for Salpointe Catholic (5A)

Gordo Villaescusa from 1999-02 for Rio Rico (3A)

Waldo Gutierrez from 2000-03 for Morenci (2A)

Angel Cejudo from 2001-04 for Maryvale (5A)

Nick Gallick from 2002-05 for Sunnyside (4A)

Matt Lopez from 2002-05 for Sunnyside (4A)

Nate Lee from 2002-05 for Payson (4A)

Mike Moreno from 2003-06 for Sunnyside (5A-II)

Kyle DeBerry from 2003-06 for Sunnyside (5A-II)

Luke Goettl from 2007-10 for Mingus (4A-II)

Ricky Ryan from 2007-10 for Show Low (3A)

Kory DeBerry from 2008-11 for Sunnyside (Div. I)

Ryder Nielsen from 2009-12 for St. Johns (Division IV)

Trey Andrews from 2009-12 for Safford (Division III)

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