Trevor Bauer is funky and fun to watch.

After reading so many stories about his unconventional routine before and during games, I finally had the chance to see it in person on Wednesday at Salt River Field.

There the prized Diamondback pitching prospect was in the right field corner launching high-arching balls some 400 feet to the left-field foul pole. The ball hung in the air like a seagull gliding against the wind along the ocean shoreline.

The more impressive deal for me was when he got a little closer to the left-field line and was firing line drives some 350 feet.

He came in relief of Patrick Corbin and had a solid outing against the Padres, giving up a sharp double in his two innings, regularly hitting the mid-90s while showing a sharp breaking ball.

I am not around the D-backs enough to know what the plans are for him, but my guess is he will start in the minors and be the first guy the organization calls on when another starter is needed.

The best case scenario would be moving Josh Collmenter to the bullpen, where he was highly successful before entering the rotation, and Bauer takes over the fifth spot.

When that happens who knows, but once it does make sure you get to Chase Field early enough to see him go through his routine.

Baseball is a very regimented game. People do things because that’s the way it has been done for sometimes 100 years.

Baseball is always in need for some stirring up and that’s why Giants closer Brian Wilson and his beard were seen in every other commercial for while.

He was something different and had said some off the wall stuff.

Bauer is right along the mold and definitely a character, but most of all he has one heck of an arm.

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