Say what you will (mostly questions about the secrecy involved) about the new MaxPreps/AIA formula for determining the postseason, the first full season is about to end and the results seem to be in line with the rankings.

It is working.

That's not the problem. Coaches want to know HOW it is working.

Anyway, here is a look at how the area teams are sitting with one week of action remaining.


Mountain Pointe jumped Desert Ridge for the No. 1 seed in Division I football.

If the standings were to stay the same, which they won't, it is a much easier ride to the title game.

They'd play Cibola in the first round and the winner of Mountain View-Desert Mountain in the second round.

More importantly, No. 3 Hamilton, No. 7 Desert Vista, No. 10 Chandler, No. 2 Desert Ridge and No. 11 Basha would be in the bottom half of the bracket.

Only Brophy, as the No. 4 seed, would be in the top half of the bracket out of the assumed top seven state title contenders.

The Thunder are seventh and have a tough game at Chandler. The winner secures a top eight seed.

In girls volleyball, Desert Vista entered the week as the ninth seed but its win over Dobson and a potential win over No. 11 Mountain Pointe might push them into the top eight and secure a first-round home match.

Should the Pride beat the Thunder it would be a stretch to think they can jump three teams to get the home match.

More importantly, a win would solidify their postseason position. A loss makes things interesting because of the rule that gives an automatic qualifier for the top three in each section.

Entering the final week of action, only one of the top three teams in Section I are in the top 16.

Millennium was 16 in the seedings, but would move to No. 14 to accommodate St. Mary's and Westview, which sit at 18 and 20 right now.

That means two of the teams that made the top 16 (currently Tucson and Mesa) would be bumped. A loss to Desert Vista probably doesn't move the Pride down to No. 14 from 11 but since we don't know the formula it is all guess work.

A win over the Thunder takes it out of the equation.

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