Why do I get the feeling we just saw Tim Lincecum walk out the door?

As you know, the Diamondbacks traded pitching prospect Trevor Bauer this week for shortstop Didi Gregorius.

There were other players involved but make no mistake these are the two players this deal was about.

The Diamondbacks were clearly desperate for a shortstop, tangling Justin Upton for bigger names like Asdrubal Cabrera and Elvis Andrus.

When it didn’t happened the Diamondbacks signed Cliff Pennington and now have Gregorius in the fold with idea of them battling out for the starting spot in spring training. If it is determined that Gregorius is ready to go at the end of spring training then he’ll get the job.

That’s fine and dandy.

It’s the job that Bauer is going to win that concerns me.

The right-hander clearly has his quirks and it didn’t sit well with some in the Diamondbacks’ camp. The organization has plenty of pitching prospects and felt it could depart with the one that was named minor league pitcher of the year.

It doesn’t make sense to me that they made him expendable because of his unique training process because they knew all about it before drafting – unless they thought they could change him – so there must have been more to it.

He had his struggles with pitch selection, and clashed with catcher Miguel Montero, in his short stint in the majors. It apparently turned the organization off completely because the Diamondbacks moved him for a shortstop general manager Kevin Towers scouted personally at during the Arizona Fall League.

It’s a move they’ll come to regret.

Bauer will make a run at American League Rookie of the Year as I bet the Indians let him do his thing. Indians manager Terry Francona is a little more laid back and more of player’s manager than Kirk Gibson.

Letting him do his long toss, and throw his as many warm-up pitches as he wants will be what allows him to find success at the major league level the first time.

It’s worked at every level. Check that. His outside the box training and thinking is what has allowed him to be dominant at every level.

It’s just a shame he won’t be in a Diamondbacks uniform when he does it for years to come.

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