When I wrote a story predicting storylines of 2012, I jokingly said Mountain Pointe would get a quarterback via transfer to challenge incumbent Caleb Buck.

It was meant to poke fun at the lax transfer rules in Arizona.

It has no chance of coming true simply because part of the equation is no longer possible.

A source confirmed that the message board reports are true and Buck, a junior, is no longer at the school as he transferred to Maricopa during the Christmas break. It is also all over his Facebook page where he said he wanted to "try something new and different."

Apparently, his mom is a teacher there although his sister remained at Mountain Pointe.

It's a bit of shame from an outsider's point of view. I thought he came along way over the course of the season after being thrust into the starting role a year earlier than expected when Kyle Faunce left the program for Indiana.

With another offseason and spring ball under his belt, I think he would have made enough strides to be a quality quarterback somewhere between Austin Blom, the 2009 starter, and the record-setting Faunce.

As far as who within the program is next in line, I have honestly have no idea. I don't know who the junior varsity quarterback was the past season and the other quarterback - Dillan Johnson who was eventually moved back to running back - in 2011 when the Pride went 6-5 will be playing at a Division II college (possibly Dixie College) in the fall.

Maybe the coaching staff converts someone again like they tried with Johnson last spring. Or maybe, as so boldly predicted by me, the Pride gets a transfer.

Anyway, here is to wishing Buck luck. He was a great kid to deal with. Very smart and definitely had that quarterback aura about him.

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