After the initial denial, Mountain Pointe’s proposal to have its football game against Mesa moved to Week ‘O’ has some legs.

The Pride filed an appeal after the Arizona Interscholastic Association ruled against moving their game to week before everyone else’s first game.

Mountain Pointe asked to do so because it would make it logistically easier to hold its second Hall of Fame ceremony.

It was denied while Brophy Prep had a game against a California program approved.

It didn’t make a whole lot of sense other than maybe wanting to keep the two games of the Sollenberger Classic the only games of that week.

It was corrected by the AIA during Tuesday’s Executive Board meeting

But the approval isn’t complete just yet, but the answer should come to light after a meeting at the AIA on Thursday.

I don’t know exactly what else has to happen in order to have it officially approved, but it has been reported that it somehow involves Desert Vista and Mountain Ridge.

Currently, Mountain Pointe faces Mesa in Week 2. They would move to Week 0.

Desert Vista faces Palo Verde (Nevada) in Week 0 in the Sollenberger Classic. The Thunder play Mesa in Week 1 and have a bye in Week 2.

The hope is DV would agree to move the Mesa game to Week 2 on Aug. 31.

It would give the Thunder a bye in Week 1.

Mountain Ridge is in need of a 10th game after being dropped by Brophy for the California game.

If the Thunder agree it would give them 11 games.

Byes are coveted by some coaches and it isn’t easy to give them up, especially when you are playing earlier than just about any other team in the state.

Here is hoping Desert Vista agrees and helps out their rival a little bit.

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