The resignation of Dave DiDomenico as Red Mountain wrestling coach was one of those that just didn’t sit right.

DiDomenico confirmed his resignation on Monday but really wouldn’t elaborate as to how it came about other than saying it was for philosophical reasons, but added:

“I believe I made an impact,” he said. “I loved the kids and the family. I will miss all of the people involved with the program.”

Sources said he was asked to resign or he’d be fired. When it comes to putting your resume together it is easier to explain a resignation than having his resume say he dismissed on it.

Athletic director Jim Gowdy when contacted by email only said, ‘Mr. DiDomenico resigned from his position as Red Mountain's varsity wrestling coach,’ and later when asked to comment on what DiDomenico did for the program in his six years, Gowdy, who promoted Kyle Hare to head coach, sent a link to the team’s records page.

I also left a voicemail message with Gowdy, but he didn’t call back.

So per Gowdy’s request, I did look at the records page and it was pretty impressive: 148 dual meet wins in six years, 25 state placers, five finalists and two state champions. The team had three top 10 finishes at state, including finishing as runner-up in the individual state tournament in 2007-08.

Knowing DiDomenico’s passion for the sport and desire to help boys become men I don’t see him walking away at this point on his own accord. Yes, he is going back to Mesa where he was a longtime assistant to friend Bobby Williams and it will make the Jackrabbits stronger, but DiDomenico loved running his own program.

I hope the change for philosophical reasons or whatever it might have been doesn’t sour DiDomenico’s desire to run a program again.

In today’s high school sports environment this isn’t the kind of guy who should be run off. He has shown the ability to develop a program with a plan and have his kids treat others with respect, own the responsibility of their actions and win.

Most of those things can’t be found on web page link but were a mainstay in the Red Mountain wrestling room under DiDomenico.

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Red Mountain remains a thriving program. It is perhaps a program worthy of top 5 acclaim in Div 1 the type of athletes they accrue and their pride and work ethic warrant a top 5 finish at the state level as well. The evidence leads one to believe that for every impact there are equal reasons to produce wrestlers who are in the finals and knocking on the door for being in the finals. Dont think RM was progressing toward that end with enough hungry kids who dont accept failure at the state level.

Johns dad

The way wresting is scored must not be your forte. I have watched hs wrestling for years and Dominico had his team in contention for three state titles: 2008, 2010, 2011. That's evidence. One call in a match changes many standing dynamics. Saying rm has top 5 athletes is questionable. I do not know of him illegally recruiting anyone. He had his kid in shape and with great fundamentals and position. His kids seemed to care a lot, but his program always had things in perspective- being a great person meant more than selling out with bad kids for a state title. His program showed class, which is something rm didn't show immediately before he took it over (pot, alcohol, recruiting, poor ethics). Wish the next coach luck, but few coaches create complete people than Dominico. The next coach will have some major challenges keeping it at that total level he created.


Admin there must be idiots. I heard principal took care of his own boy, a kid that wrestled for him, in Diminico's position. He threw away an established winner and a good guy for his own selfish agenda with someone unqualified. And the old coach will help out and pull the strings so there goes any class and discipline set up. What a shame. Idiots. They better win a state title now... but with these coaches they won't.[sneaky]

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