Just a thought while perusing the football schedules trying to find who still needs games.

Desert Vista's choices are limited to add a 10th opponent.

I went through all of the teams that I thought were a fit (Phoenix area, Division I to Division III) and I came up one school.

Glendale Cactus has only eight games. I double checked it a few times just to make sure that wasn't a mistake. But last I looked the Cobras had just eight games.

Knowing head coach Larry Fetkenhier, it might be some kind of play or stand against the Arizona Interscholastic Association.

But sooner or later Cactus has to add a game at the very least and probably two otherwise risk losing too many power points. The Cobras would probably get in with seven or eight wins, something it usually can manage, but it obviously leaves a very slim chance of error.

Desert Vista has already added one Division III power in Scottsdale Saguaro in the freedom games. It might not be ideal, but Cactus is a great program and would provide a test and aid in the power points.

I am not sure, but I heard there was dock of power points for playing two divisions or below your own. Might be wrong but that is what one of my colleagues said.

Other than Cactus I didn't find another close match. I wasn't thorough about the search just hunting and pecking the drop down window so there might be another team that matches up with Desert Vista.

But if I wouldn't be surprised if Cactus ended up on the Thunder's schedule.

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