Pep talk

Desert Vista coach Dan Hinds gives a talk to the players after they walked the field at Cathedral Catholic for the first time.

By Jason P. Skoda, AFN

Dan Hinds finally got the respect from a coaching legend he deserved.

On the road trip to San Diego over the weekend, the coaches got to talking about legendary Arizona coaches.

Of course Jesse Parker was brought up.

He is one of the winningest coaches in Arizona history (298 in AZ, 309 overall) and won state titles at Camelback (1) and Mesa Mountain View (4).

Hinds both played and coached against Parker teams.

“I remember I caught a pass on the sidelines and was pushed into their bench,” Hinds said of his McClintock days. “I had to get through a sea of (Mountain View) red helmets to get back and he comes up to me and he's telling me to get my (butt) off his sidelines.”

The attempts at intimidation didn’t end when Hinds took over the Desert Vista program 13 years ago.

“It was probably my second season and we came out of the locker room and stop because of the National Anthem was playing,” Hinds said. “Well they come out of the locker room and he yells, ‘Move’ and I look over at him.

“I trying to get the confidence from my guys so I just look straight ahead. He comes over and tugs on my shirt and says “Move” again. I said, “You move.”

There was another time when Parker took the field in pregame and walked right between the Thunder quarterback and wide receivers as they were warming up.

All are classic Parker moves that everyone remembers from one of the all-time old-school coaches.

The other side of Parker came to light after the Thunder won a state title in 2011.

“He sent me a hand-written letter congratulating me and that meant a lot,” Hinds said. “I have to find a frame for it.”

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