Opening Day is a national holiday to some.

Count me among them.

I will be attending the Diamondbacks game against the St. Louis Cardinals as fan. I’ve been to plenty of home openers with a press pass around my neck but prefer to take in the game from the seats.

I’ve missed only a handful of season-opening games since 1988 or so when my friends and I could finally start driving ourselves to old Cleveland Stadium.

I skipped school my junior and senior years in high school to head down to the game. I didn’t care what the ramifications might be. I wasn’t going to miss it.

It is clear baseball is far from being the national pastime these days as football is king, but I’ll stay loyal to baseball.

There is just something about that drew me in as a kid. Being the youngest, I had to share everything or got it second hand.

My dad and older brothers didn’t play it or watch baseball. It was kind of the first thing I had to all my own. I scoured box scores as a kid and knew every all-time stat.

Today, I share it with my family as much as I can. My wife caught my attention on our first date when she said that she wanted visit as many major league ballparks as she could and we’ve been to more than 20 where she kept score.

Now we do our best to share our love for game with our daughter who at age six is more interested in the mascot and slide area at Chase Field.

She has been to a couple of Opening Days so far (although she’ll miss this one since it is a 7 p.m, start on a school night) and hopefully it is something she will mark on here calendar as a holiday with her family one day.

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