Football: DI State Championship

Pride's Natrell Curtis (75) holds the championship trophy up to the stands after winning the Division I Football Championships between Mountain Pointe Pride and Hamilton Huskies at University of Phoenix Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 30 2013.

David Jolkovski/AFN

One of the underlying themes of national signing day is the realization that the athlete’s time in the family home is coming to an end.

By the end of summer, if not earlier, the current senior class will be in a dorm or apartment living away from their family for the first time for an extended period realizing their dreams.

Natrell Curtis has been on that path since stepping on the field for Mountain Pointe as a freshman and it came to fruition on Wednesday when he signed a letter of intent with Oklahoma.

The 981-mile relocation east to Norman, Okla., go a little more difficult during the Pride’s bye week in October.

That’s when his little man, Ky, came into the world.

“Honestly, my son is my world,” Curtis said. “Leaving him behind is definitely tough. I think about it every day, especially, now that the time is getting closer and closer to me leaving.”

The baby will stay in Arizona with the birth mom as Natrell tries to forge a new path with a new team.

“I also know this is the sacrifice I need to make to make sure he has a better future,” he said. “Seeing him born and getting to hold him for the first time, it was life changing for me. Everything I do is for him.”

Curtis originally committed to Washington, but decommitted soon after head coach Steve Sarkisian left for USC and Chris Petersen, who left Boise St., took over the Huskies. He returned from Texas in early January after playing in the All-American Bowl and announced he was heading to Oklahoma.

During that time in Texas he got a peak into what it will be like being away from Ky.

“He is growing a little bit too fast,” he said. “He makes me smile 24/7 because he is always doing something.”

Curtis knows it is not an ideal situation, but feels it is all going to work out in the end.

“It made me have to grow up faster than most kids,” he said. “It’s all in God’s plan so I can’t complain.”

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