Move over Kobe Bryant?

That was the talk along the sideline at Mountain Pointe's final spring football practice as Jalen Brown made spectacular catch after spectacular catch.

One of the players said, (paraphrasing here) ‘That's it, he is replacing Kobe.'

Now, I am making some assumptions but I am going to assume he was talking about the basketball player and not the scrumptious cut of meat from Japan.

And I am assuming he meant that Brown is replacing Bryant as his favorite athlete.

I might be completely wrong on both ends but with some of the plays the talented Brown - just a freshman remember - was making it is no wonder.

He was stopping and starting to cut inside of defenders to grab balls thrown short, he was sticking his hand up and bringing in balls that shouldn't be catchable and putting on moves in space that looked as smooth as peanut butter.

Of course it is done without pads and contact, but nonetheless he was so very impressive.

Coach Norris Vaughan keeps saying no matter who is quarterback - Caleb Buck looked solid - they are going to get the ball to Brown, who has been offered by Arizona State, as much as possible.

Smart move.

He was the second option behind Garrett Holle last season in the passing game, but if had been called upon - like in the state semifinals when the Hamilton defensive backs took Holle away and the freshman had two touchdowns - Brown would have been ready.

This year Brown will be the main target with 6-foot-4 Thair Blakes, a St. Mary's transfer, most likely on the other side.

The football season is months away but the thought of watching Brown on Friday nights is enough to hold me over until then because he is going to be fun to watch the next three years.

Vaughan added that Brown and junior linebacker Jordan Leal were offered by Yale of the Ivy League.

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