Tons of wrestling news of that I haven't touched on so I am just kind of clearing out the wrestling notebook.

Staying put

No truth to the speculation about the state tournament this year moving to the new Grand Canyon University.

The AIA's Dean Visser confirmed that all of the divisions will be back at Tim's Toyota Center in Prescott Valley, Feb. 9-11.

Great news as far as I am concerned.

I love the venue, the area and the Marriott points.

It's a decent meeting spot for everyone in the state, although the southern part of the state probably doesn't agree.

I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up at GCU eventually, but for now Tim's is as good as any place in the state.

Comings and goings

Tom Wokasch to Queen Creek is a great fit.

The kids who walk into the Bulldogs room are always tough-minded and hard workers. They don't like to waste time in the room. They are all about going hard at all times.

Sound like the room at Cottonwood Mingus, where Wokasch won five straight titles?

His departure from Mingus was difficult. He played it off like he was retiring. It came out later that he was being investigated about booster money.

The case never went anywhere. That tells me the money was found or the investigation came to a dead end. Nothing I know for sure, just making assumptions.

I am also guessing Wokasch, as proud as they come, was probably angry when people turned their back on him. He has done so much for this state, let alone the Cottonwood community, when it comes to wrestling. He always puts the kids first from what I have seen and been told.

He came to the East Valley and helped out with the Hamilton program and there was an immediate difference in the Huskies' toughness.

Wokasch will do the same at Queen Creek, which was already a top mid-level program under Tod Workman, who was hired on July 12 at Round Valley.

Brady off to OTC

Two-time Chandler state champion Dalton Brady took off for Colorado Springs, Colo., to push himself to the next level with Olympic dreams.

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar to anyone.

Dalton lives two blocks from the Olympic Training Center with his dad and is attending Coronado High, the school he will wrestle for next year.

It's a shame Arizona lost one of the nation's best wrestlers, but this was truly the best step for Brady, who won't be challenged here.

After all, he did just finish fifth in the world in the FILA Cadet World Championships in Hungary.

DeBerry returns home

Bobby DeBerry is sitting in the Tucson High office and he doesn't have to hang his head about it.

"It's kind of nice to be in the office and not be in trouble," said DeBerry, a Tucson graduate.

DeBerry, 50, has found a home after stepping down from Sunnyside. He is working as a counselor and getting back in touch with the student body.

"I am working with the kids one on one and it has been good," DeBerry said. "I am supposed to start helping out with freshmen football. It was tough decision but it is what I felt I needed to do."

DeBerry, who won 15 team titles in 17 years, wanted to have freedom in his schedule to see his sons, Kyle and Kory, compete for Arizona State.

Running the state's best program doesn't allow much freedom to make the trip to Phoenix very often so he chose his sons over his kids, so to speak.

But he won't stray from coaching, saying he could very well help out at Tucson part-time, for long. He will still have his hand in USA and Arizona USA wrestling.

The Sunnyside program will continue on and still be successful.

The key has always been the room and the room is still there. It will lose something without DeBerry, of course, but the Blue Devils will still be the team to beat in Division I.

Allen to DV

As expected wrestler Derek Allen transferred to Desert Vista, Thunder coach David Gonzalez confirmed via text message, on the first day of school.

The Allens moved into the Desert Vista district after competing for Glendale Mountain Ridge his first three seasons.

Allen didn't place at the Division I state tournament at 135 pounds, one of the toughest weight classes, after finishing fourth at 130 pounds as a sophomore. His career record is 89-44 with 27 of those defeats coming as a freshman.

With a lineup that already includes three state champions, Allen's insertion will give DV at chance to finish in the top three and will be one of the favorites.

The middleweights lineup of Robbie Mathers, Kendall Love, Cooper Gardner and Allen, not necessarily in that order, is pretty difficult to beat.

Allen filled out the 520 transfer form but the AIA hasn't officially ruled on whether he can wrestle for the Thunder.

An email sent to Visser about any possible investigation went unanswered.

There has been speculation about his eligibility mainly because Allen was on the Arizona National Greco-Roman/Freestyle team and Gonzalez is part of it the coaching staff. There is an AIA rule that basically states that a transfer can't not happen if a coach and athlete worked together during the summer.

Gonzalez coached the Fargo team and not the national team and seemed confident that it shouldn't be a problem.

Robles to ASU

Talk about a no-brainer of a relationship.

When I interviewed Robles before a certain fateful trip Philadelphia, Robles wasn't sure about coaching after his career was done.

He was intent on taking a break. I believed him when he said he had no interest in going onto an international career and Olympic trials, but I didn't buy the "no coaching in my immediate future" aspect of the interview.

He was so grateful for what his coaches did for him that I figured he'd want to return the favor. Maybe he was hesitant at first because he had his motivational speaking career in front of him. I figured he'd eventually get back in the room.

On Wednesday Arizona State announced he was going to be a volunteer assistant.

"Anthony is going to bring a wealth of knowledge to our lightweights, especially in the top positions," ASU head coach Shawn Charles said. "He has knowledge in the sport and a lot of body awareness in the sport that will really help. Arizona State wrestling is very fortunate to get Anthony to be our volunteer coach."

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