Thanks for all those that followed along. Great tournament as always. Check back for two stories and complete results.



HVY – William Espinoza (Sunnyside) vs. Austin Andrade (Amphitheather)

Battling for positioning but not much else,.. stalling on Andrade with 12 seconds left


Andrade takes down for second

Escape at 1:33, nearly gets toss but Espinoza drops hips to stop momentum

30 seconds left no change

1-0 after two

penalty on Andrade for not having his laces covered


Espinoza takes down,locking hands on Andrade

Escape Espinoza

3-1 1:20 left

no changes at :30

Andrade never takes a shot

3-1 Espinoza



215 – Louis Payne (Marana) vs. Simon Allen (Corona del Sol)

A lot of positioning and hand fighting, but no scopring

ALlen gets in deep and gets the two at the buzzer


Allen is down

escapes at 1:20

Payne was in deep but didnt finish

stalling on Allen at 21 seconds

Stallmate at 5 seconds

Payne nearly get the 2 on a double but time runs out


Payne takes down

Allen putting the pressure on... Payne nearly gets a swithc

stalling on Allen at 1:13, his second

3-1 Allen

Allen throw ins legs and works half, but stalemate called at 46 secs

Payne sts escxape at 10 secds but cant do anything

3-2 Allen win


189 – Justin Rockhill (Willcox) vs. Matt Chavez (Mingus)

Sorry interview time

Rockhill is up 2-1 to start the second

Escapes for 3-1 lead with 1:00 left

Chavez gets takedown  to tie it

3-3 after two

Chavez takes down

Chavez gets reveral with 1:21 left

leads 5-3

Escape makes it 5-4

Rockhill sucking wind...

ANd Chavez wins its with another takedown after wrestling at 215 last week




171 – Tyler Lowy (Thunderbird) vs. Cedric Gonzalez (Sunnyside)

Lowy starts with a takedown, Gonzalez escapes

2-1 after one

Gonzalez takes down

Escape 2-2

Lowy gets the takedown when Gonzalez tries weird toss instead of limp arming

4-2 Lowy after two

Lowy takes down

Lowy up 5-2 at 1:33 after escape

Gonzalez gets 2 and then kicks him out

6-4, Lowy gets takdown

8-4, Gonzalez escapes


Lots of action in the third

Lowy drops to low single, works his way upbut Gonalez gets headlock and the pin at 5:47



160 – Jacob Graham (Thunderbird) vs. Ace Martinez (Desert Vista)

This one ended in the first period in the finals at Peoria

Guessing it goes longer but Graham is awful tough

'gets the takedow at 1:23

Trying all kinds of pinning combos, but Martinez is claming up, finally gets title at the buzzer for a 5 count

7-0 after one

Graham takes down to start second

Martinez definitely isn't being tentative. trying several combos and getting off the hips.

Stalling on Martinez for haning onthe ankle for 5 seconds (more kike 10)

Escape at the buzzer


Neutral to start the third

Takedown Graham, reveral Martinez


Graham hits a Gazonni for the reveral, 12-2

Escape on a granby 12-3 and takedown at the buzzer

14-3 Graham



152 – Kory DeBerry (Sunnyside) vs. Logan Addis (Mingus)

DeBerry wastes no time this time and gets the takedown right away

Addis gets escape with 31 seconds left

2-1 after one

Addis takes down

2-2 five seconds into the period after escape

DeBerry gets in deep on head and arm and switches off to single, but Addis Whizzers out of it

ANd a repeat of the inside single by DeBerry and Whizzer by Addis

stalling on Addis at the 25 second mark

Addis gets in deep at the buzzer but doesnt have enough time to finish

2-2 after two

DeBerry down, escapes at 1:50

3-2 DeBerry

DeBerry secures a takedown on a quick spin behind

50 secs left

Stalling on DeBerry makes i5 5-3 with 36 seccs left

rides him out, stalling on Addis

6-3 final


145 – Mikey Contreras (Boulder Creek) vs. Bryant Wood (Horizon)

rematch of Moon valley finals

this is the second straight match made up of two kids from the Phoenix area

Contreras gets firemans and bloody nose at the same time

2-0, blood time at 1:19

Back at it

Escape Wood

This was a 9-7 OT winner by Contreras at Moon Valley

Takedown Wood, escape Contreras 3-3 after one

Contreras takes down

locking hands on Wood, escape Contreras

Takedown Contreras

and just like that it is 7-2 with 46 seconds left

Escape Wood, near takedown on the edge by Wood causes crowds loudest noise of the night

Stalling on contreras

7-4 entering third Contreras leading

Wood down, escapes 7-5

Bad shot by wood gives contreras a 9-5 lead with 1:29 left. Wood didnt have to hurry, got him in trouble

Escape Wood with 1:05 left


Contreras helps Wood up after going out of bounds

8 sedconds left, stalling make it 9-7....

but thats it

9-7 Contreras



140 – Alexander Buelna (Chandler) vs. Seth Monty (Mesa MtV)

Monty gets the intial takedown... wasnt watching to see how it happened.

He is now cranking a half with the leg in but a stalemate is called

2-0 after one

Monty defers, Buelna takes neutral

Buelna has head and arm, but he isnt cranking on the head enough to put the pressure on Monty

restart at 1:06

Monty hanging on the head but not socring... stalemate at 25 seconds

2-0 after 2

Monty takes down

Buelna chooses to go neutral


Alot of hand fightin and head positioning nut no scoring.... or shooting... stalling on Monty at 58 seconds


Buelna gets takedown but immediately gets too high ans Monty gets reversal and 3 nearfall pooints for 8-3 win



135 – Andres Piedra (Sunnyside) vs. Ricardo Sierra (Safford)

have to step away for interview

0-0 after one

1-0 Piedra gets escape early in second

Sierra gets takedown with about 23 left


2-1 after two

Sierra takes down

Kicks im out


Piedra has a nice shuck but on the edge for not points

restart at 1:03

Piedra's is tall and lanky and it helped him stop a deep double by sierra, throwin int he whizzer at the last second

still 3-1 at restart in neutral

Sierra seals it with a double to a duck with 5 seonds left for 5-1 win



130 – Dakota Beach (RR) vs. Jesse Morales (MdN)

Beach gets the first takedown at 1:30

MOrales escapes, gets takedown for 3-2 lead

Beach defers, Morales takes down

4-2 after the escape

Beach nearly gets around on head and arm, but Morales grabs legs at last second and ends up with a takedown of his own after a nice little dump

6-2 after two

Beach takes down

6-3 with 20 left

Beach gets to 6-5 but gets two high on power half and gives up reveral

Morales 8-5


125 – Louie Murillo (Sunnyside) vs. Robbie Mathers (DV)

Stalemate after Murrillo gets in deep on double but cant score\

Another stalemate

Murullio finally finishes a takedown at 4 seconds left

2-0 after one

Murillo defers, Mathers takes down

Escape at 1:30, Murillo another shot... potential dangerous

restart at 1:10

2-1 after one

Murillo goes neutral

Mathers doesnt take a shot but ends upn with a cradle going for the pin


He really took his time in locking that up, and was rewarded by knocking off a two-time state champ something he hopes to become and something the school has never had


119 – Greg Ornelas (Safford) vs. Adam Ludwin (Cibola)

Ludwin looks strong at 19 after wrestling most of the year at 25 (i believe).

But is Ornelas who scores first with an inside single, then a dump

2-0 with 23 seconds left

Ornelas down to start second

Ludwin locks up tilt but cant score, comes back to arm bar before stalemate is called

restart at 1:14

Ornelas gets the escape with 43 seconds left


5-0 after two as Ornelas gets another inside single

Ludwin takes down

Ornelas rides him until 1:04 when stalling is called

still on top

Ludwin gets to feet kicks him out

5-1 40 seconds

Orenelas dinged with stalling again

5-2 at 27 secs

Ludwin gets a double with 2 seconds left



112 – Trey Andrews (Safford) vs. Dalton Brady (Chandler)

Believe this si a rematch from last year...... maybe not

Brady stikes first, gets takedown and gets nailed with stalling already at 1:12

restart in neutral

2-1 Brady

Andrews takes a wild shot from outside with no tie up

2-1 after one

Brady takes down

Andrews throws in legs, but Brady grabs wrist, puts it to the other side, hips in and high legs over for reveral


Kicks him out at 1:15


Brady works his way for around for a second takedown


Andrews takes down, hits quick standup and Brady kicks him out


1:00 left no scoring

Stalling on Brady at 29 seconds


Andrews pressureing, Brady defending.. stalling again with 2 seconds left 6-5

6-5 final


ok here we go...

103 – Frank Armenta (MdN) vs. Rafael Jaimes (Cibola)

Jaimes gets barrell roll after a couple of failed shots, gets 2 near fall for 4-0 lead

Throws in legs and rides him out

4-0 after one

Neutral to start the second

Both are shooting without tying up... tapping head, faking to one knee, but not many set ups

Jaimes gets another barrell roll for 6-0 lead at the 23 second mark

6-0 after two

Jaimes choice, takes down

Armenta goes with neutral start


Armenta gets an iside single but cant finish it

restart at 1:30 still 7-0

Armenta inside single, Jaimes whizzer, Armenta limp arm for takedown

kicks him out


Stalemate at 28 seconds

Smooth duck under by Jaimes, 10-2 maj. decision




Still at 130 pounds in the announcing of the wrestlers and their accomplishments.

any day now.....


We are back up. Crowd is filing in and the gym is starting to steam up again.

Some great matchups. My favorites are at 112, 125 and 152.

Parade of champions should be soon.


Ok, time for a break. Will boot back up around 5:45 p.m.

Here are the championship matches

Championship matchups

103 – Frank Armenta (MdN) vs. Rafael Jaimes (Cibola)

112 – Trey Andrews (Safford) vs. Brady (Chandler)

119 – Greg Ornelas (Safford) vs. Adam Ludwin (Cibola)

125 – Louie Murillo (Sunnyside) vs. Robbie Mathers (DV)

130 – Dakota Beach (RR) vs. Jesse Morales (MdN)

135 – Andres Piedra (Sunnyside) vs. Ricardo Sierra (Safford)

140 – Alexander Buelna (Chandler) vs. Seth Monty (Mesa MtV)

145 – Mikey Contreras (Boulder Creek) vs. Bryant Wood (Horizon)

152 – Kory DeBerry (Sunnyside) vs. Logan Addis (Mingus)

160 – Jacob Graham (Thunderbird) vs. Ace Martinez (Desert Vista)

171 – Tyler Lowy (Thunderbird) vs. Cedric Gonzalez (Sunnyside)

189 – Justin Rockhill (Willcox) vs. Matt Chavez (Mingus)

215 – Louis Payne (Marana) vs. Simon Allen (Corona del Sol)

HVY – William Espinoza (Sunnyside) vs. Austin Andrade (Amphitheather)




No. of placers

Sunnyside 10 (5 finalists)

IR 4 (0 finalists)

Cibola 6 (2 finalists)

Thunderbird 5 (2 finalists)

Corona 3 (1)

Mesa MtView 5 (1)

Chandler 4 (2)

Marcos 4 (2)

DV 4 (2)

Safford 4 (3)

Highland 5 (0)


Team standings through placement rounds

1. Sunnyside 210.5; 2. Ironwood Ridge 143; 3. Cibola 135; 4. Thunderbird 133.5; 5. Corona del Sol, Mesa Mountain View 127.5; 7. Chandler 121; 8. Marcos de Niza 118; 9. Desert Vista 117.5; 10. Safford 116.

11. Highland 108.5; 12. Mingus 97; 13. Pueblo 83.5; 14. Boulder Creek 83; 15. Amphi 80; 16. Basha 77.5; 17. Horizon 75.5; 18. Silver 73.5; 19. Rio Rico 69; 20. Cienega 68, Desert Mountain 68.

22. Queen Creek 54; 23. Brophy 53.5; 24. Canyon del Oro 53; 25.  Marna 49.5; 26. Marana MtView 47.5; 27. Hamilton 46; 28. Montwood 43; 29. Flowing Wells 34.5; 30. Willcox 30.5.

31. Centennial 30; 32. Sahuarita 25.5; 33. Paradise Valley 22; 24. Socorro 21; 35. Maryvale 14.5; 36. Tucson 11.



Third through 6th place results

103 -  Third – Gallego (Pueblo) maj. dec. Velasquez (Sunny), 8-0. Fifth – Mainez (Thunderbird) dec. Medina (Basha), 5-1.

112 -  Third – Guillen (FW) dec. Maxson (Horizon), 8-3. Fifth – Camarillo (Cibola) dec. Nielson (Mesa MtV), 6-4.

119 -  Third – Waite (High) dec. Mejia (Chandler), 12-6. Fifth – Penunuri (Mesa MtV) pin Soqui, 4:34.

125 -  Third – S. Ornelas (Saff) dec. C. Done (High), 1-0. Fifth – Andrews (BC) dec. Sanchez (Socorro), 5-3.

130 -  Third - Done (High) maj. dec. Arias (Cibola), 12-3. Fifth – Moraga (Sunny) by default over Patrick (Des Mtn).

135 -  Third – Lopez (RR) dec. Filbert (IR), 5-2. Fifth – Nunez (Mont) dec. Jungbluth (Marna MtV), 6-2.

140 -  Third – Valdez (IR) by default over Gudeman (Cinega). Fifth – Moreno (Cibola) dec. Lightfoot (Mingus), 6-2.

145 -  Third – Lock (QC) pin Landrum (Corona), 4:56. Fifth – Steinbeck (Sunny) dec. Garcia (Cibola), 2-1.

152 -  Third – Cox (Corona) dec. Salughter (IR), 6-3. Fifth – Moreno (QC) dec. Molloy (Brophy), 12-6.

160 -  Third – Zaske (Mingus) dec. Blumer (Des. Mtn), 5-2. Fifth – Huber (Mesa MtV0 dec. Moore (CDO), 11-5.

171 -  Third – Allen (High) dec. Ronayne (Basha), 3-2. Fifth - Bracamonte (Cieneg) dec. Eddy (BC), 1-0.

189 -  Third – Yole (MdN) pin Oliver (High), 5:20. Fifth – Young (Thunder) dec. Vega (Chand), 6-4`.

215 -  Third – Bambic (DV) pin Pavlenko (MdN), 4:40. Fifth – Birchfield (Thunder) pin Calvillo (Sunny), 4:18.

HVY -  Third – Alexander (Mesa MtV) dec. Arrendondo (DV), 13-1. Fifth – Figueroa (PV) dec. Dominguez (IR). 12-6.





 Gallego takes third at 103

Guillen third at 112

Waite third at 119

Done third at 125

Done third at 130

Lopez (Rio Rico) third at 135

Valdez (IR) third at 140

Lock (QC) third at 145

Cox third at 152

Zaske third at 160

Allen (High) third at 171

Yole third at 189

Bambic third at 215

Alexander MtView third at HVY




Some great matches going on right now.....

Waite and Mejia, round two... waite wins again 12-6 with a 5-point move at the end

Done and S. Ornelas,.... Ornelas 1-0



Team scores before placement round

1. Sunnyside 204.5; 2. Ironwood Ridge 139; 3. Cibola 131; 4. Corona del Sol, Thunderbird 125.5; 6. Chandler 121; 7. Mesa Mountain View 118.5; 8. Marcos de Niza, Safford 114; 10. Desert Vista.

11. Highland 101.5; 12. Mingus 97; 13. Boulder Creek 81; 14. Pueblo 80.5; 15. Amphitheater 80.

A couple of notes -

Desert Mountain, which is 20th, was without Joe Rana who defaulted after sustaining a stinger in the first round.

Desert Vista was without Kendall Love at 135 after he didn't make weight.




Consolation semifinals are finishing up and the placement matches (3rd through 6th) will start at 3:15 p.m.


Please don't copy any info from the site until Sunday evening. Thanks for your cooperation.


Championship matchups

103 – Frank Armenta (MdN) vs. Rafael Jaimes (Cibola)

112 – Trey Andrews (Safford) vs. Brady (Chandler)

119 – Greg Ornelas (Safford) vs. Adam Ludwin (Cibola)

125 – Louie Murillo (Sunnyside) vs. Robbie Mathers (DV)

130 – Dakota Beach (RR) vs. Jesse Morales (MdN)

135 – Andres Piedra (Sunnyside) vs. Ricardo Sierra (Safford)

140 – Alexander Buelna (Chandler) vs. Seth Monty (Mesa MtV)

145 – Mikey Contreras (Boulder Creek) vs. Bryant Wood (Horizon)

152 – Kory DeBerry (Sunnyside) vs. Logan Addis (Mingus)

160 – Jacob Graham (Thunderbird) vs. Ace Martinez (Desert Vista)

171 – Tyler Lowy (Thunderbird) vs. Cedric Gonzalez (Sunnyside)

189 – Justin Rockhill (Willcox) vs. Matt Chavez (Mingus)

215 – Louis Payne (Marana) vs. Simon Allen (Corona del Sol)

HVY – William Espinoza (Sunnyside) vs. Austin Andrade (Amphitheather)


Semifinal results

103 – Armenta (MdN) dec. Gallegos (Pueblo), 6-0; Jaimes (Cibola) pin Velasquez (Sunny), 2:46.

112 – Andrews (Saff) pin Guillem (FW), 1:27; Brady (Chand) pin Camarillo (Cibola), 1:52.

119 – G. Ornelas (Saff) maj. dec. Waite, 12-4; Ludwin (Cibola) maj. dec. Soqui (Sunny), 8-0.

125 – Murillo (Sunny) dec. Done (High), 10-4; Mathers (DV) dec. S. Ornelas (Saff), 5-0.

130 – Beach (RR) pin Arias (Cibola), 3:14; Morales (MdN) pin Patrick (DMtn), 1:55.

135 – Piedra (Sunny) dec. Nunez (Mont), 7-6; Sierra (Saff) dec. Lopez (RR), 5-3.

140 – Buelana (Chand) dec. Gudeman (Cienega), 3-1; Monty (Mesa MtV) maj. dec. Valdez (IR), 18-4.

145 – Contreras (BC) maj. dec. Steinbeck (Sunny), 10-2; Wood (Horizon) tech. fall Lock (QC), 16-1.

152 – DeBerry (Sunny) dec. Cox (Corona), 4-1; Addis (Mingus) dec. Slaughter (IR), 4-3.

160 – Graham (Thund) tech fall Moore (CDO), 15-0; Martinez (DV) pin Zaske (Mingus), 2:52.

171 – Lowy (Thund) dec. Eddy (BC), 12-9; Gonzalez (Sunny) dec. Bracamonte (Cine), 5-2.

189  - Rockhill (Willcox) pin Oliver (High), 1:40; Chavez (Mingus) pin Yole (MdN), 5:56.

215 – Payne (Marna) dec. Bambic (DV), 5-2; Allen (Corona) dec. Pavlenko (MdN), 6-1.

HVY – Espinoza (Sunny) dec. Alexander (Mesa MtV), 4-3 4OT; Andrade (Amphi) pin Arredondo (DV), 2:37.


Welcome to our little world.

Things to remember: Please don't copy and past any info from this website to another until Sunday evening; the freshest take will be at the top, log in to the website and comment along and please give me some feedback at

I hope to have it up and going by 3 p.m. and have all of the third through six placers updated.

After that keep checking back.



(26) comments


Chad Done took 4th, Sage Ornelas took 3rd.


Another interesting note to add to your blog---Curt Done(Highland), 130 was beating Dakota Beach(Rio Rancho), 7-2, and ended up getting caught in a headlock with 30 seconds left, and got pinned.


The Match between Curt Done (Highland), and Dakota Beach(Rio Rancho), 130, was in the quarter finals.

Are you going to put up the results for 5th/6th?


My opinion only--someone who doesn't make weight, (Kendall Love, Desert Vista--135) is scared of the competition. It's a built in excuse to get him off the hook---and there's no excuse for it.



FYI on Love.... an article awhile back said he took second in Indiana. He didn't even qualify for states. It is a one state champion state and had he taken second there he'd be tearing it up a little more in Arizona.


Looking forward to the Brady/Andrews match. Brady earned his national ranking by beating some, and handing with, top ten wrestlers at FILA, turning the corner. Andrews can get some national notice with a win.

Thanks for the correction of Love. He took second in folkstyle ISWA. I made an assumption that it was Indiana State Wrestling. Should have dug deeper.

Is azwreslter down? it cant get on the site. Keeps blocking me.

I saw the bout sheet for the Dakota-Done match. It happens.
Patrick was up 4-1 when he was pinned by Morales in semifinals.

AZ Dingo

Great match ups. Thank for the coverage too.


I can't get on to azwrestler either.


Just a thought---but how many times has Dante Patrick "tapped out"? I heard he was getting worked by Curt Done, and he tapped. Really??


Picks on the marquee matches.....

112 Brady
125 Mathers (maybe this can be the start of him winning the colose ones - he's lost a few of those this season and pre-season)
152 DeBerry - the matches are always as close as can be and DeBerry always wins.

I will go with Andrews just to counter point, but really have know idea. Its going to be the best one of the three.
Then Mathers. He was embarrassed by the spladle at Peoria and has him refocused.
DeBerry will win his fourth Caballero.


Regarding it only being at 130......

The music of jeopardy is playing in my head.


Jaimes has been battling with an amazing group of 103 pounders in the the Imperial Valley - that competition is show dividends.


Andrews won last year in a poorly reffed match where the ref decided it instead of the kids. Common in Arizona.

That was a pretty even match... Brady had superior speed and got the takedowns because of it... Andrews never really set up any of his shots.


Hmm..... Andrews doesn't score a TD, Brady gets two TD's and a reversal, and he is the one who gets three stall calls? Uh yeah.... good job Brady what with his having to beat Andrews and the ref.


Ornelas just keeps improving every year. You gotta love kids like that.


Getting a TD with 4 seconds left is why SS wins so many matches. Those are great TD's in close matches.


Murillo stayed on his feet to avoid that cradle and got caught in it anyhow. Good job Robbie. Cradle is a great move to get wrestlers in this state in - nobody seems to know to grab fingers and even give a a quick tilt for two if necessary.

Mathers was pretty happy with the win... actually opened up and talked a little bit for once


Three for three on marquee matches.


WOW! Atta kid Gonzalez...u cant ever count him out

Great job as always Scott

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