ORO VALLEY - Coming to you live from Ironwood Ridge.

Finals scheduled to around 5 p.m.

In case you are new to the live blog, here are things to know.

1. The freshest take is on the top. Scroll down to see older matches, stats, information, my opinion, etc.

2. I have a very obstructed view so I might miss some action more than normal.

3. Apologize ahead of time for misspellings of names and typos. I am trying to keep up with the action so my key strokes might be a little off at times.

4. Log-in to the web site, comment along, ask questions and I will try to reply when I can.

5. Never stop. Never stop fighting until the fight is done. (my favorite movie quote, which one is it from????)

5. Enjoy.


Individual results

Championship round

106 – Vega (IR) tech. fall Latin (Basha), 16-0; Third – Lopez (Sunny) dec. McGrew (DV), 3-1.

113 –  Carillo (DV) maj. dec. Reyes (Chan), 15-5. Third – Murillo (Sunny) dec. Klass (IR), 5-3.

120 – Olivas (Sunny) dec. Calzadilla (IR), 4-3. Third – Reece (Chan) dec. Pool (Tucson), 6-0.

126 – Olivas (Sunny) dec. Taylor (IR), 10-4 . Third – Saska (Buena) dec. Rivera (Tucson), 10-5.

132 – Rico  (Chan) pin Krum (Basha), 5:40 . Third – Padilla (Tucson) maj. dec. Dominguez (IR), 9-1.

138 – Meade (Marana) dec. Ulibarri (Chan), 11-10. Third – Lopez (Sunny) dec. Quiroz (Tucson), 3-2.

145 – Miranda (Sunny) dec. Manuel (Chan), 7-3. Third – Smith (Basha) maj. dec. Silva (Tucson), 12-2.

152 – Reece (Chan) maj. dec. Guzman (IR), 14-3. Third – Mancilla (Sunny) dec. Hewitt (Marana), 19-11.

160 – Latin (Basha) dec. Ortiz (Tucson), 5-0. Third – Bueno (Ham) dec. Porter (DV), 3-2.

170 – Ronayne (Basha) maj. dec. Ortiz (Buena), 15-5. Third – Cuevas (Sunny) dec. Braithwait (Perry), 6-5.

182 – Andresen (Hami) vs. Mordecai (IR); Third – Moreno (Sunny) by forfeit over Imonode (DV)

195 – Gonales (Sunny) dec. Arredondo (Perry), 9-3. Third – Morales (IR) pin Boutte (Buena), 1:48.

220 – Howard (Marana) dec. Ezell (DV), 5-4. Third – DeSilva (Ham) pin Westby (Buena), 1:59.

HVY – Chisholm (Chan) dec. Orduno (Sunny), 8-3. Third – Crossley (Buena) pin Ortega (DV) vs. Crossley (Buena), 3:25.


HVY – Orduno (Sunny) vs. Chisholm (Chan)

5-1 Chisholm after 2 periods

Chisholm down to start third

Escape Chisholm

second starlling on Chisholm


takedown Chisholm, kicks him out



220 – Ezell (DV) vs. Howard (Marana)

Ezell hits a nice power double, Howard escapes

2-1 after 1

Ezell down to start second

Injury time for Ezell

Escapes at the buzzer

3-1 Ezell

Howard takes down

Howard hits switch off the whistle, tied at 3

Ezell escapes with 13 seconds left on the edge; Howard gets 2 at the off the whistle on the restart



195 – Gonzales (Sunny) vs. Arredondo (Perry)

Gonzales controlling tempo, 5-1 after two periods.

up 9-3

9-3 final


182 – Andresen (Hami) vs. Mordecai (IR);

Andresen, who is about 4 inches shorter, gets the initial takedown

Mordecai escapes and gets takedown

Andresen escapes at buzzer after restart with 7 secs left

3-3 after 1

Andresen down

Mordecai gets 2 near fall

restart at 21 secs, 5-3 Mordecai

5-3 after 2

Mordecai down to start third

Andresen cuts him


stalling on mordecai

Andrese with quick single, to his back and pinned

Mordecai ejected; cant wreslte next week

(After the tournament was over, the referee, after speaking with his mat assistant, overruled the decision to eject Mordecai)


long break for awards for 5 weight classes


170- Ronayne (Basha) vs. Ortiz (Buena)

7-2 after one

13-4 after 2

Ronayne gets the 2 to make it 15-4

15-5 final


160 – Latin (Basha) vs.  Ortiz (Tucson)

Latin gets the initial 2, restart at 20 seconds

2-0 after 1

Latin gets 2 near fall in the final seconds of the second

4-0 after 2

Latin takes down

Latin escapes at 38 secconds

not much action 5-0 final


Latin defers

Ortiz takes down

152- Reece (Chan) vs. Guzman (IR)

Reece gets two on the edge at the buzzer after keeping his toes in


Reece takes down to start 2

Reece escapes and gets with a minute left


Guzman gets escape, but when have been two if he had been able to trip the taller Reece

Reece gets reveral just before the buzzer

7-1 after two

Reece on top to start second

Escape guzman, 1:50

Takwodwn  and tilt for Reece


espcape guzman

takedown at the buzzer reece 14-3


145 - Manuel (Chan) vs. Miranda (Sunny)

Miranda with the early 2, and Manuel escapes at 39 secs

2-1 after 1

Manuel takes down  to start second

Manuel escapes and then gets 2 after hipping in on a whizzer


Miranda escapes and gets two when they both shoot and Manuel falls to his hips

5-3 after 2


7-3 Miranda with 10 seconds left (missed how he scored)

7-3 final


138 – Ulibarri (Chan) vs. Meade (Marana)

Ulibarri gets gets two takedowns, Meade escapes twice

Ulibarri gets injury time (i think his knee hit the basketball court)

Ulibarri down to start second

escape and takedown makes it 7-2

Ive said it before,. Ulibarri is a hammer. It must feel like a car wreck the next day for opponents

Escape by Meade, then Ulibarri called for fleeing

7-4 after 2

With that said Meade knocking backing down in the least, gets 2 to make it 7-6

Ulibarri escapes 1:02 left

Stalling made it 8-7

Takedown on a head and arm makes it 10-7 Ulibarri

another stalling makes it 10-8 with 15.6 left

Meade wins 11-10 after gets escape and then gets in deep on a sin le and Ulibarri called for fleeing the mat again


Long break to do awards for first five weight classes


Rico  (Chan) vs. Krum (Basha)

Krum gets the two on a re-shot. restart at 1:10


Rico gets the escape at 43

blood time for Rico at 35.5

2-1 after 1

Neutral to start second

Krum gets two on the edge, 4-1 49 seconds left

Escape Rico

Krum looks into the cross face and fights off a head and arm to preserve the lead


Rico ties it at four, with an escape and takedown, then takes the lead with the cradle

6-4 Rico

Rico gets the pin at 5:41 with another cradle


126 – Olivas (Sunny) vs. Taylor (IR)

Olivas locks up a cradle, essentially from neutral position, for 2 but Taylor gets reversal when he tries to turn him

OLivas takes down to start second and escapes

and gets the takedown, 5-2 lead

Taylor called for stalling on bottom after Olivas threw in the legs on both sides

A good scramble nearly leads to a reveral but Olivas gets out of it without losing position

5-2 to start, Olivas chooses to kick


Olivas gets takedown and cradle

10-4 finals


120 - Olivas (Sunny) vs. Calzadilla (IR)

Olivas with the initial takedown

2-1 after 1

Calzadilla defers, Olivas takes down

Penatly for Olivas as Calzadilla called pushing him off the mat

Olivas escapes 4-1

OLivas called for scraping the eyes

4-2 after 2

Neutral to start the third

very little action. Olivas called for scraping again with 7 secs left

4-3 final


113 –  Reyes (Chan) vs. Carrillo (DV)

Carillo gets the initial takedown, stopped for blood time for Carillo

2-0 at 1:35 of 1st p

2-0 at restart with 21 left

Arm bar at the buzzer pushes it to 5-0

Neutral to start second

Carrillo with the takedown, 7-0

Reversal by Reyes, follow up by a peterson by Carrillo 11-2 after 2

Carrillo down to start third

escapes. taledowm Reyes, escape Carrillo 13-4 1:15 left

takedown Carrillo 15-4

15-5 final

Third place match restarting in second period because of bad time

Murillo dec. Klass 5-3 in the longest non OT match wrestling history


106 – Vega (IR) Latin (Basha)

a Takedown and five tilts equals a first period tech fall, 16-0

Lopez (Sunny) dec. McGrew DV 3-1



106 – Vega (IR) Latin (Basha); Third – McGrew (DV) Vs. Lopez (Sunny) ..

113 –  Reyes (Chan) Carillo (DV)  Third – Murillo (Sunny) vs. Klass (IR)

120 – Olivas (Sunny) vs. Calzadilla (IR) Third – Pool (Tucson) vs. Reece (Chan)

126 – Olivas (Sunny) vs. Taylor (IR) . Third – Rivera (Tucson) vs. Saska (Buena)

132 – Rico  (Chan) vs. Krum (Basha). Third – Padilla (Tucson)

138 – Ulibarri (Chan) vs. Meade (Marana) Third – Lopez (Sunny) vs. Quiroz (Tucson)

145 – Manuel (Chan) vs. Miranda (Sunny). Third – Silva (Tucson) vs. Smith (Basha)

152 – Reece (Chan) vs. Guzman (IR) . Third – Mancilla (Sunny) vs. Hewitt (Marana)

160 – Latin (Basha) vs.  Ortiz (Tucson). Third – Bueno (Ham) vs. Porter (DV)

170 – Ronayne (Basha) vs. Ortiz (Buena) Third – Braithwait (Perry) vs. Cuevas (Sunny)

182 – Andresen (Hami) vs. Mordecai (IR); Third – Moreno (Sunny) vs. Imonode (DV)

195 – Gonales (Sunny) vs. Arredondo (Perry) . Third – Morales (IR) vs. Boutte (Buena)

220 – Ezell (DV) vs. Howard (Marana) Third – Westby (Buena) vs. DeSilva (Ham).

HVY – Orduno (Sunny) vs. Chisholm (Chan) . Third – Ortega (DV) vs. Crossley (Buena).


HVY - Ortega DV by forfeit;' Cressley of Buena pins Downing of Marana.


220- DeSilva (Ham) dec. Eversten (Perry); Westby (Buena) beats Fuentes (Sunny)


195 - Morales (IR) pins Bambic DV; Boutte (Buena) pins Buckland (Ham)


182 - Sunnyside's Moreno pins Gonzales of Perry. DV's Imonode dec


170 - Braithwait of Perry beats Hamilton's Stark; Cuevas of Sunnyside dec.s Collins of Chandler


160- Hamilton's Bueno dec. Ratliff of Perry; DV's Porter dec.s Villegas/


152- Sunnyside's Manciilla wins by default when Hamilton's Agosto runs out of injury time (knee). Match was tied at 3 with 10 seconds left.

Marana's Hewitt pins Basha's Braswell


145 -Basha's Smoth pins Melendez of Perry' Tucson's Silva decisions IRidge's Berson.


at 138- Tucson's Quiroz beats DV's Campbell, 15-7.

at 138 Sunnyside's Lopez pins Basha's Rodriguez with a spladle in the 1st period.


at 132 Tucson's Padilla pinned Hernandez of Sunnyside.


Chandler's Quincy Reece, who lost 7-6 in 120 semis to IR's Calzadilla, pinned Basha's Masters.


Desert Vista's two-time state placer Brian Mitchell (126) pinned in consolation semis by Marana's Cahan Saska


Standings heading into consolation semis

1. Sunnyside 143.5

2. Chandler 130.5

3. Ironwood Ridge 116.5

4. Basha 95.5

5. Marana 69.5

6. Tucson 56

7. Desert Vista 55.5

8. Hamilton 42.5

9. Perry 33.5

10. Buena 24

11. Mountain Pointe 3

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