From the in case you missed it department, Mountain Pointe wide receiver/defensive back Jalen Brown reduced his possible destinations down to seven per Jason Jewell of 24/7

Those seven that might get the magnificent talent are: Arizona, Michigan State, Ohio State, Oregon, Oregon State, Vanderbilt and Wisconsin.

It’s clear his little tour of the Midwest after the Rivals 100 camp in Chicago was to his liking as the only school he scratched from the Big 10 tour was Michigan, which didn’t seem all that interested.

He and his family were very impressed by Urban Meyer at Ohio State, either Michigan State or Wisconsin (my old memory is failing) told him he could start right away and he has family near Wisconsin.

Oregon State had a Arizona product get drafted as a wide receiver this year in Markus Wheaton so that might be an intriguing destination, while Oregon can get just about anyone these days with silly offensive numbers the Ducks put up.

Arizona surprises me, but Rich Rod seems to have everything going in the right direction.

The official visits will be at Oregon, Wisconsin, Oregon State and Ohio State with the fifth undecided.

My guess, as I was told last year by someone in the know who believed academics would play a very large part, is he will end up at Vanderbilt.

He has an unofficial visit there this weekend and as long as he isn’t completely turned off I wouldn’t be surprised if this SEC program ends up being his final destination.

The Commodores top two receivers combined for 144 catches, 2,100 yards and 13 touchdowns as head coach James Franklin has opened up the offense in recent years.

Academics, SEC, NFL-caliber wide receivers.

It lines up well in my mind.

Then again it is so hard to tell – remember I said Brown’s teammate Kenny Lacy might learn toward Ohio State and he is at UCLA – and I have no insight really but that’s just my gut feeling.

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