Unofficially, there might be an answer to the sectional and state wrestling dilemma.

On Sunday evening showed up with the Arizona State wrestling tournament listed and coaches believe anyone who was scheduled to be in sectionals and has a winning record will be in the state bracket.

To see it go to:

Then click on the "weights" tab.

The assumption by coaches, now that this has been made available, is that sectionals will be canceled and everyone with a winning record will make state.

The logistics and where and when will become known on Monday.

Others think it was the track wrestling program did it on its own because it was scheduled and didn't know sectionals weren't wrestled so it just advanced the top seeds.

This is still just speculation but hard to deny after seeing the brackets.

Several coaches had come up with proposals that they had planned on getting to the AIA on Monday.

First and foremost, all agree that is unfair to attempt have sectionals and state in the same week due to making weight.

There is movement to take a poll by section to see what teams or individuals were part of the outbreak.

If sectionals are done away with then 64-man brackets would be the proposal in all four divisions.

One idea was to have Division III and IV stay at Tim's Toyota Center over the three days and then have Division I and Division II compete in the Valley area gyms - Desert Vista, Skyline, etc. - to accommodate an event this big.

Another one included creating two super sectionals - in Division I it would 21 teams at each one and actually erase the inequity - and doing enough wrestling in order to get down to the final eight (semifinalists and the round before consolation semifinals) in each one.

It would create a 16-man bracket and in the big picture create a precedent for years to come, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Let's just get this year figured out before we worry about anything beyond that.

Many coaches are still fuming over the sectional cancellation because of something every single wrestling room across the nation has to deal with since the dawn of time.

Some are saying it was wide spread, some are saying it was less than half dozen cases of ring worm reported.

One coach said:

"As any competent coach knows ring worm can be resolved in 48 hours if caught in early stages. To get this bad the kid had to have known they had it on Monday and it should have been cleared up in 2-3 days. 


"Also ring worm is not life threatening any more than athlete's foot is, they are treated with the same medication. Are we going to cancel all contests because of athlete's foot?"

It's a pretty fair point.

This has been a pretty great year for Arizona wrestling. Hopefully, that is what everyone will remember years from now and not a skin irritation left everyone scratching their heads.

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