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Showed up to a varsity match and JV dual meet broke.

That's the bad news. The good news is, these teams have depth and the wrestling will still be quality but not the great match everyone wanted.

Desert Vista and Corona will be missing four regulars each.

The Thunder came back from California where they finished second sick and a little beat up.

The Mathers brothers are ill, Sobarzo has a skin condition and Love need more time to get back down to 126 (not sure why they didnt just bump him)

The Aztecs came back from Minnesota tested, but dinged and also have some academic issues.

Fresh take at the top.

Match start at 106

Corona listed first


HVY - Steven Rodriguez vs. Adam Ortega

Rodriguez with the headlock and pin at in 31 seconds

40-25 Corona wins


220 - Brix Kronberg vs. Mike Arredondo

Arredondo take down, tilt for 4-0 lead

Dondo down to start the second

escapes, 5-0

Arredondo gets the takedown on a toss but no backs as they go out of bounds

two more backs for 9-0

Kronberg takes down

Arredondo locks up corckscrew but doesnt score

9-0 final

34-25 Corona



195 - Josh Caliendo vs. Alex Bambic

Bmabic gets the takedown at the 53 second mark on a single off a Russian tie


Caliendo defers, Bambic takes down

Escapes at 1:51

Takedown on the edge 5-0

Kicks him out

Stalling on Calideno

Calideno takes running shot, Bambic sprawls gets takedown


Calideno takes down, Bambic chooses neutral start


takedown, kicks him out

takedown kicks him out


Bambic finally gets him to his back and secures pin at 5:12

Corona 34-21


182 - forfeit vs. Tristan Ezell

34-15 Corona


170 - Mike Claire vs. Jimi Dixie

0-0 after one when very little action took place

Dixie takes down and earns escape at 1:49

Dixie takes shot and gets two on the edge

3-0, restart at 1:35

Claire hits several standups but cant finish as Dixie breaks him back down

Dixie risdes him out for the 3-0 lead after two

Claire takes down

Another standup but Dixie snags the ankle

clock wasnt started.  1:29 at the restart

status quo at 1:00 mark

Dixie locks up cradle but cant get the pin

6-0 win

34-9 Corona


160 - Justin Butler vs. Javaughn Steiger

Butler with the takedown with 4 seconds left in the period

Steiger defers, Butler takes down

Butler escape

Not much going on, stalling on Steinger as Butler gets an outside singloe with 20 seconds left


Steiger down to start the third

Butler has arm bar, turns into reverse half once he turns him


Kicks him out with one minute left

Bulter gets a double with three seconds left for the major


34-6 Corona


152 - Jason Landrum vs. Derek Allen

Landrum get sthe takedown on the edge, Allen escapes

and gets a single leg at the buzzer

3-2 Allen after one

Landrum takes down, escapes at 1:43

Landrum hits a drop down duck for the takedown at 1:02, go out of bounds


Allen escapes withj 20 left 5-4, Allen takes shot, Landrum sprawls

Landrum looks winded and takes down

A "jason" chant started... made me feel very welcomed

Allen riding the hips, getting no where, Landrum escapes for 6-4 lead with 50 seconds left

Stalling on Landrum as Allen shoots

restart with 20 seconds left

They lock up and Allen never gets off a legit shot

6-4 Landrum

30-6 Corona


145 - Colton Winstead vs. Cooper Gardner

Gardnder with the initial takedown

Injury time for Winstead with 43.8 left

Gardner running the arm but to no avail

2-0 after one

Winstead chooses neutral

Gardner looking very strong with another strong and decisive shot for a 4-0 lead

kicks him out 4-1

Winstead takes shot, Gardner blocks with head and arm stalemate


Winstead hits arm drag, but Gardner corrects himself. They go to underhooks and Gardner gets the toss for a 9-1 lead with 23 left in second period

Winstead taked down, escapes to start the third

Winstead, despite the deficit still being aggressive, forcing the action

And just like that, Winstead gets the the takedown and pin at 4:57

Corona 27-6


138 - Cort Turner vs. Zack Bryant

Bryant gets initial takedown on a headlock and two back points

Turner gets reversal, which leads to a headlock and pin at 1:22

Corona 21-6


132 - Zach Walton vs. Connor Dols

walton dinged for not having shoelaces taped

1-0 Dols before match starts

Walton, an Ahwatukee resident, gets the initial takedown

Dols escapes to tie it at 2-2

Walton gets the takedown, 4-2

Dols reverses in final seconds


Dols defers, Walton takes down

Walton hits standup, turns to the inside, drops to his butt and locks up cradle for reversal and three back points


Gets three more on cradle

12-4, kicks him out

shoots double, takes him down to his back for for 17-5

Dols take down to start the third

Walton kicks him out and takes him down, locks up cradle for the pin at 4:54

Corona: 15-6


126 - Glen Farina of Corona gets forfeit

team score 9-6 Corona


120-  Raul Herrera vs. Nico Campbell

Scoreless after one

Campbell set the tempo but never completed shot

0-0 after one

Campbell takes down

Campbell escapes for 1-0 lead with 47 seconds left

1-0 after two

Neutral to start third

1:11 stalling on Campbell

Campbell working the head, head and arm but cant finish

stalling on Herrera

ends 1-0 Campbell

6-3 DV



113 - Matt Churchill vs. Jess Ortega

Scoreless through 1:40... but then flurry of action

Chruchill appeared to get the first takedown, but Ortega bridges through for a takedown and three back points in the final seconds

Ortega takes down to start second leading 5-0

Stalling Churchill

Full nelson on Churchill

6-0 Ortega

Ortega gets escape on a gramby

7-0 after two

Churchill takes down

Churchill gets reversal and three backs


Churchill lets him go, hits barrell roll to the back for a 4-point move

9-8 lead with 43 left

Oretga hits granby for recveral and two backs with 12 secs left, but then Churchill hips in and hig legs over for a four-point move of his own

13-12 Churchill

Team score 3-3



106 - Zach Turner vs. Brian Mitchell

Turner gets a inside single, but Mitchell hips down, scoots and throws in the leg for the initial two

Now 2-2, after Mitchell got two high Turner scooted out the back

4-2 on a reveral by Mitchell

4-2 after one

Turner takes down to start the second

Turner awarded point for figure four by Mtichell

Turner now up 5-4 after a reversal

5-4 after two

Mitchell takes down

Switch off the whistle gives the lead back to Mitchell, 6-5

Mitchell has the legs in but can't turn him

6-5 with 30 seconds left

Turner nearly escapes at the whistle but the win goes to Mitchell


3-0 DV


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