The news wasn’t exactly surprising.

Mountain Pointe wanted something and needed Desert Vista to make a concession in order to make it work.

In doing so, the Thunder would have to give up a precious bye week – seven days before playing Mountain Pointe by the way – to make it work.

The answer, and from what I understand came quickly, was no.

The two schools, at least among the football circles, don’t have the greatest relationship so I figured that would be the answer.

To reset the picture, Mountain Pointe wanted to move its week 2 football home game against Mesa to the ‘0’ Week to make the logistics of its Hall of Fame ceremony easier.

The Arizona Interscholastic Association said no, but then accepted an appeal.

In the appeal, Mountain Pointe presented a plan that would have also helped out Glendale Mountain Ridge, which is looking for a 10th game after Brophy dropped them in order to play a California program.

Desert Vista faces Palo Verde (Nevada) in Week 0 in the Sollenberger Classic. The Thunder play Mesa in Week 1 and have a bye in Week 2.

The hope was DV would agree to move the Mesa game to Week 2 on Aug. 31.

It would give the Thunder a bye in Week 1 so then they could play Mountain Ridge in Week 1 instead.

I haven’t talked to anyone about it on or off the record. I have no more insight other than the plan, but I can see the thought process by both sides.

Mountain Pointe wanted to make its Hall of Fame ceremony early in the season – although the first game of the year against Hamilton is home as well – and tried to help out Mountain Ridge.

Desert Vista, on the other hand, had every right to put the kibosh on this deal.

Adding an 11th game obviously makes the season longer, exposes the players to more hits, bumps and bruises and eliminates the Week 2 bye before heading into a home game against the Pride.

How many coaches are going to be willing to give up an extra week to prepare for a rivalry game? I know I wouldn’t.

It was a nice idea by the Mountain Pointe administration but deep down they probably knew it was wishful thinking on their part.

I’d like think it is a no harm, no foul situation, but I am guessing it didn’t sit well with the group on Knox Rd. and they will use it as motivation or fuel to flame the intensity of the rivalry.

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