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Finals scheduled to begin around 5 p.m.

In case you are new to the live blog, here are things to know.

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2. I have a very obstructed view so I might miss some action more than normal.

3. Apologize ahead of time for misspellings of names and typos. I am trying to keep up with the action so my key strokes might be a little off at times.

4. Log-in to the web site, comment along, ask questions and I will try to reply when I can.

5. Never stop. Never stop fighting until the fight is done. (my favorite movie quote, which one is it from????)

5. Enjoy.


 Thanks for joining the action. Check back for results and stories


HVY - Ortega (DV) vs. Hawks (Mtn Ridge)

Hawks with the pin in 54 seconds


220 - Burston (Chavez) vs. Poisall (SDO)

Burston with the takedown (i was doing interviews so i didnt see it)

2-0 after 1

Neutral to start second

Burston with takedown

Poisall with an escape

Poisall a takedown with 18 seconds left

4-3 to start third


Poisall gets the two, Burston gassing pretty bad

53 seconds left, 5-4 lead for Poisall

Reverse half and that does it

8-4 win after trailing 4-0


195 - Gonzalez (Sunny) vs. Bowman (Holbrook)

Bowman with the quick 2

45 seconds left

2-1 after 1

Gonzalez takes down to start second

Gonazlez with the reversal at 1:22

3-2 after 2

Bowman escapes to start the period

Gonzalez with the takedown at the 48 second mark

bowman escapes

But Gonzales gets the the takedown on the edge

7-4 with 7 seconds left

7-4 final


182 - Beltran (Servite) vs. Andresen (Hamilton)

Beltra with the two on the edge with 23 seconds left

reversal at the buzzer by Andresen


Beltran escapes to start the second


4-2 on a technical violation

34 seconds left

restart at 23 seconds,

another one at 5 seconds

4-2 after 2

Andresen down to start third

ecapes to make it 4-3

less thatn 45 to go

Andresen took several shot attempts but no serious threats

4-3 win for Beltran


170 - Ronayne (Basha) vs. Cuevas (Sunny)

Ronayne gets the initial takedown at 43

restart at 26 after Ronayne lost contact but found it i believe

2-0 after 1

Cuevas down to start second

Cuevas escapes at 1:38

Ronayne with a nice hi crotch swith off to double for the 2

4-1 to start third

Ronayne takes down, escapes for 5-1 lead

7-1 after another takedown

7-2 after Cuevas escape

9-2 advantage with his fourth takedown

11-3 final


160 - Provchy (Westview) vs. Latin (Basha)

Scoreless through 30 seconds

great scramble at the 45 second mark but no blood

Blocked out so i couldnt see Provhy nearly got two at the end of 1 but refs decide no after conferring.

Provchy down to start second period

Stalemate at 1:22 after Latin rode the legs for about 20 seconds

Latin using the crab ride

Gets called for stalling at 26 seconds after throwing in the legs again

Latin starts on the top on the right side., i always hated that...

rides him out the rest of the period

0-0 after two

Trainer tending to Latin before start of third

Latin down to start the third, gets a reversal at 1:16

Provchy working to a base but not able to score. tries granby gets stoped

2-0 win by Latin


I almost went to the Apache Junction tournament instead; wondering if I should have. Finals have been OK thus far.


152 - Suwyn (Mtn Ridge) vs. Miranda (Westview)

scoreless through 1 minute

MIranda in deep on a double, Suwyn scrambles out of it and gets a iffy 2 to end the period

Miranda takes down

Suwyn gets a quick tilt for 2

and picked up 2 more thee more near fall for 10-0 lead

Another tilt makes it 13-0

and that's that, 15-0 with 18 seconds left in the second period



Official Ron Tate just inducted into the tournament Hall of Fame


145 - Vandall (Goldwater) vs. Riley (GR)

Vandall  going for the pin

Vandall gets the pin with 2 seconds left in the 1st period

Oneill from Ironwood gets the pin for fifth place over Vance from Alamoso

Perez from Sunrise Mountain beats Miranda from Sunny for third


138 - Swift (Deer Valley) vs. Jensen (Desert Edge)

0-0 at 1:20

Swift driving on a double but cant infish. 

Gets two on Jensen's sloppy shot

2-0 after 1

Swift escapes to start second


Its 6-0 after a nice shuck for two by Swift (not sure where the extra point came from)

Swift on top to start third

kicks him out with 1:26 left, 6-1

Swift with a nice double on the edge, 8-1.

48.4 seconds left on the restart

Jensen escapes, 8-2

Swift in on double, goes out of bounds

restart at 16 seconds, gets another 3

10-2 final


132 - Laurente (Cim) vs. Decker (Sun Mtn)

Decker looked to get nice two on a barrel roll, but i get blocked from my vantage point. Somehow Laurente kept scrambling and the points

its now 4-2 Decker

4-2 after 1

Decker on the bottom to start second

Laurente has legs in and cranking but Deckerkeeping a solid base

restart after stalemate 44 secs

Blood time for Laurente

restart at 29 secs, still 4-2

second stalling makes it 4-3

Laurente takes down to start third

Quick reversal 5-4 Laurente

Rides him out for the win


126 - Olivas (Sunny) vs. Cox (GR)

Cox takes shot off the whist gets in deep, Olivas fights it off. Comes back with a takedown off his own

2-0 Olivas

Cox gets this his feet, but cant finish, go out of bounds

Restart at 30 seconds

OLivas gets a banana split, but Cox gets hurt as he is turning him. 1 point for Cox

he is still down

he isnt going to continue

Olivas gets the win. must have cranked it pretty hard. Groin injury i am guessing

Original call was illegal move, which would have give win to Cox. After conferring with assistant ref changed it to just an injury, and not because of an illegal call so win goes to Olivas

GR coach trying to protest


120 - Olivas (Sunny) vs. Kelley (Alamosa)

Olivas with the quick two

Restarting at 1:08

Not much action, Olivas content with riding him out

2-0 after one

OLivas defers, Kelley takes down, Olivas chooses neutral


Olivas with another takedown for 4-1 lead

Kelley escapes at 1:02,  Olivas with this third takedown


Olivas got a headlock i believe for a 9-2 lead

missed some action checking on NFL playoffs

15-3 with 49 seconds left in third

Kelley gets his first takedown, 15-6 with 18 seconds left

Reveral at the ends

17-6 win for OLivas


113 - Chamanzad (Cim) vs. Murillo (Sunny)

Restart at 1:29 after potentially dangerous

Chamanzad gets the initial two, throws in the legs,, getting too high but settles in to close out the period

2-0 after 1

Murillo goes neutral, Chamanzad gets his second takedown


Chamanzad throws in the legs and is cranking the head pretty good, called for stalling at 46.2 seconds

4-0 after 2

Chamanzad takes neutral

Murillo takes a decent shot, tries to come through back door, action stopped for potentially dangerous . didnt see that one as he was about to get free

Restart at 10 seconds

4-1 final - Chamanzad was hit for a second stalling somewhere along the line


106 - Mendivil (GR) vs. Courtney (Desert Edge)

Scoreless at the 1 minute mark

0-0 after 1

Medivil hits a peterson off the whistle but no backs


Mendivil has the cradle locked but cant get the leverage to turn him

2-0 20 secs left

2-0 after two

Courtney chooses neutral to start third

NO legit shots taken

Injury time at 1:09 for Courtney

Wrestling resumed

Mendivial gets in on an inside single but cant finish

restart at 19 seconds

Injury time Mendivil

Courtney taking shots but with no stallings, Mendivila just blocks for 2-0 win


East Valley has 14 placers including four finalists. DV with five placers (one finalist), Basha four placers (2 finalists), Mesquite 3 placers (0 finalists) and Hamilton 1 (1 finalist), Westwood 1 (o finalists).

Sunnyside has 5 finalists, Gila Ridge Ridge 2.

Out of state schools have four finalists Cimarron Memorial 2, Servite 1, Alamosa 1.


Finals matchups

106 - Mendivil (GR) vs. Courtney (Desert Edge)

113 - Chamanzad (Cim) vs. Murillo (Sunny)

120 - Olivas (Sunny) vs. Kelley (Alamosa)

126 - Olivas (Sunny) vs. Cox (GR)

132 - Laurente (Cim) vs. Decker (Sun Mtn)

138 - Swift (Deer Valley) vs. Jensen (Desert Edge)

145 - Vandall (Goldwater) vs. Riley (GR)

152 - Suwyn (Mtn Ridge) vs. Miranda (Westview)

160 - Provchy (Westview) vs. Latin (Basha)

170 - Ronayne (Basha) vs. Cuevas (Sunny)

182 - Beltran (Servite) vs. Andresen (Hamilton)

195 - Gonzalez (Sunny) vs. Bowman (Holbrook)

220 - Burston (Chavez) vs. Poisall (SDO)

HVY - Ortega (DV) vs. Hawks (Mtn Ridge)


Team standings (top 10 only)

1. Sunnyside 211; 2. Servite 178; 3. Gila Ridge 165; 4. Holbrook 144; 5. Desert Vista 129; 6. Basha, Sunrise Mtn 116.5; 8. Cimarron Memorial 113; 9. Mountain Ridge 110; 10. Deer Valley 99.

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