The Caballero, which is given to individual champion wrestlers at the Flowing Wells Invitational, is one of the best looking trophies around.

By Jason P. Skoda, AFN

It's time for the best wrestling tournament of the season.

Not sure how it is already time for Flowing Wells but I'm ready for another trip to the Old Pueblo.

Here is some info sent along by Flowing Wells AD Pat Weber.

The teams:

Americas (Texas), Amphitheater, Boulder Creek, Brophy Prep, Canyon del Oro,  Catalina Foothills, Centennial, Cienega, Cleveland (New Mexico), Corona del Sol,  Del Valle (Texas), Deming (New Mexico), Desert Mountain, Desert View, Desert Vista, Douglas. El Dorado (Texas), Flowing Wells, Hamilton, Highland, Higley, Ironwood Ridge, Kofa,  Marana Mountain View, Marcos de Niza, Mesa Mountain View, Mountain Point, Pueblo, Queen Creek, Red Mountain, Rincon, Safford, Sahuarita, Sahuaro, San Luis, Silver (New Mexico), Socorro (Texas), Sunnyside, Thunderbird, Tucson, Walden Grove, Willcox 

Starting times:

Friday - 1st ROUND:    10 a.m. 2nd ROUND:   6 p.m. (quarters)

Saturday - 3rd ROUND:  10 a.m. (semis)    4th ROUND:   6 p.m.  Finals

There are six returning champions:

Joseph Otero Cleveland

Roman Bravo-Young Sunnyside

David Salazar Sunnyside

Dawon Andrews Safford

Chad Porter Desert Vista

Brandon Konecny Corona del Sol

There are 14 state champions in the field:

Vincent Dolce Corona

Brandon Konecny Corona

Roman Bravo-Young Sunnyside

Marco Rivera Tucson

David Salazar Sunnyside

Chad Porter Desert Vista

Diego Guerrero Walden Grove

Jacob Frias Desert View

Byron Finch Safford

Dawon Andrews Safford

Joseph Otero Cleveland

Michael Mascarenas Cleveland

Noah Mirabal Cleveland

Zeke Marquez Silver

Top 8 seeds


Ybarra Sunnyside

Blake Sahuaro

Kvale Corona

Dieball DMtn

Richards Mesa MtV

Mascarenas Cleveland

Avalos CDO

Arelanno Kofa


Rico Queen Creek

Garcia Sunnyside

Rivera Tucson

Guerro Grove

Ortiz Marana MtV

Valenzuela Kofa

Ochotorena Des View

Fuentes Willcox


Mascarenas Cleveland

Frias Des View

Rameriz Red Mountain 

Loaiza Sunnyside

Cunha Marana MtV

Schall Queen Creek

Johnson Cienega

Marquez Silver


Finch Safford

Mirabel Cleveland

Klass Ironwood Ridge

Castenda Kofa

Cota Marana MtV

Silva Grove

Bernstein Corona

Christofferson Boulder Creek


Bravo-Young Sunnyside

Crooks Boulder Creek

Castilla Marana MtV

Sias Safford

Pool Tucson

Killgore Walden Grove

Karantinos Red Mtn

Smith Desert Vista


Fernandez Queen Creek

Garcia COrona

Cole Boulder Creek

Saylor Centennial

Waiter Highland

Luttrell Cleveland

Howey Red Mtn

H. Salazar Sunnyside


Andrews Safford

D. Salazar Sunnyside

Peters Mesa MtV

Carmona Corona

Nieto Cleveland

Saenz Desert Mtn

Reyes Queen Creek

Silva Tucson


Dolce Corona

Lee Marana MtV

Torres Marcos de Niza

Wolfe Mesa MtV

Tena Sunnyside

Bliss Cienega

Spilsbury Cleveland

Boone Americas


Konecny Corona

Torres Marcos de Niza

Vega Silver

Hall Marana MtV

Esquivel Pueblo

Rasmussen Mtn Pointe

Varga Americas

Lopez Desert View


Graham Thunderbird

Castenada Kofa

Escobedo Tucson

Moore Red Mountain

Ruffalo Corona

Finch Safford

Galindo Silver

Muniz-Vega Sahuaro


Doolen Mesa MtV

Stevenson Thunderbird

Mansman Ironwood Ridge

Hernandez Sunnyside

Saba Queen Creek

Killgore W. Grove

Fill Corona

Crump-Valencia Tucson


Porter Desert Vista

Mickelson Thunderbird

Melkumov Cienega

Aguilar Marana MtV

Hollen Mesa MtV

Hercel Marcos de Niza

Tapia Higley

Kemp Americas


Banning Queen Creek

Umphres Safford

Cavanaugh Cienega

Sutkovic Thunderbird

Armstead Cleveland

Duarte Tucson

Sotelo Flowing Wells

Alvarenga W. Grove


Alamirano Cleveland

Hightower CDO

Bartz Highland

Okonowski Queen Creek

Johnson Desert Vista

Tuialuuluu Del Valle

Arbizo Safford

Barcelo Tucson

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