Here is a bit of a clue about something cool and unique: If other professional athletes stop and look you probably should, too.

That’s what is going on with the Diamondbacks’ Trevor Bauer.

The rookie right-handed starting pitcher has a unique routine he does to prepare for every start. Chances are you’ve heard all about it by now, if not here is a good article on what he goes through.

Baseball is a very regimented sport. The people in the game do things certain ways because that is the way it has been done that way for more than 100 years in some cases.

Bauer, who the D-backs took with the third overall pick in June of 2011, doesn’t fall in line with that type of thinking.

And the best thing is the D-backs marketing department is embracing it although I am not sure manager Kirk Gibson has done so fully. They want fans to come out early and catch his routine, with the most intriguing part being him throwing the ball as en estimated 450 feet from one foul pole to the next.

It is something to see as I made sure to get out to one of his spring training games. He makes his home debut on Tuesday so get out to the ballpark early, watch him do all his wacky stuff and if you follow him on Twitter you can even be part of it.

He has asked followers to suggest his introduction song for when he goes to the plate to bat. I don’t know if it is a one-time deal or something he will continue to do but it shows how savvy he is in embracing the fact that people find him unique.

So get to the game an hour early, watch him do his thing and hopefully before long he will be making national headlines for what he does on the pitching mound instead of what he does in order to get there.

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