Kyle Faunce knows a little bit about bouncing around so it isn't surprising to hear that the Mountain Pointe quarterback and his family stepped up to help out a teammate.

The junior quarterback has found a home at Mountain Pointe, but not before attending four other schools since the start of his freshman season.

When I talked to him before the start of the season, Faunce talked about how difficult it was to get adjusted each time he enrolled at a different school.

So when he noticed that Mountain Pointe's Izzy Marshall was going from house to house thanks to gracious teammates, Faunce and his family offered the team's star linebacker a more stable option.

"When I first got here, me and Izzy hit it off really well," Faunce told the Arizona Republic. "He kind of took me under his wing. I saw him hopping around from house to house. I said, 'Hey, can you tell me what's going on?' He was like, 'I just hop around from house to house, because I want to stay away from my family situation.' I said, 'You know my parents love you. You know we'll do anything for you. I treat you like one of my brothers.' He stayed the night one time, and he kept staying the night.

"My mom says now, 'When he's gone, it feels like somebody is missing.' "

Marshall's mobility stems from the fact that his grandmother's kidney problem that going in and out of the hospital for dialysis while his mother having issues with drugs.

The thing about Marshall is you'd never know his home life is in upheaval.

He has one of those smiles and personalities that shine through everything.

And anyone who has seen the Pride play knows it hasn't affected his play. Marshall is all over field defensively and when called upon - like in the Chandler Basha game when he had two rushing touchdowns - can produce offensively.

Marshall is the heart and soul of the Pride and he knows it. It is one of the reason's he has stayed focused despite the altered homelife.

He is putting his team's fortunes ahead of his misfortunes.

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