There is part of me that would not want to be in Kenny Lacy’s shoes right now.

The Mountain Pointe senior lineman is a hot commodity and is getting in-home visits from the line coaches at Michigan and Ohio State.

Lacy is used to getting recruited as it has been going on pretty heavy for over a year, but right now he is being chased by the Buckeyes, who entered the picture late whereas Michigan has been in contact from the just about the start.

As much as Lacy has stuck to his verbal to UCLA the interest from the Buckeyes seems to have him wavering.

I had one Pride coach tell me Lacy was going to de-commit from the Bruins. When I talked to Lacy on Monday evening, he said he hasn’t taken that step yet but knows giving his soft verbal to the Bruins might not have been the best idea.

“My head is spinning a little bit,” Lacy said. “UCLA was great, and I told the coaches, I was going to still go on my visits but I liked everything I saw from them. Ohio State is a big-time offer.”

I get the sense that he is wavering a little bit. He didn’t say that in our conversation, just a feeling I got, coupled with what I was told earlier in the day by a campus coach.

Either way, Lacy is sitting pretty.

And I am envious, but at the same time, it shows once again, that this is a huge decision that weighs on these kids’ minds.

I can’t imagine having to make such a decision at that age.

I believe he has good family help and Pride coach Norris Vaughan was recruited during his playing days and had two sons recruited so he knows the process in and out. Lacy is not doing it alone by any means.

But in the end, Lacy is the one who has to live with the decision.

And right now I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up a Buckeye.

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