At this time of the year everyone loves some leftovers.

While I don’t have any turkey in my notebook from Friday’s historic Mountain Pointe win over Brophy, I do have plenty of stories I didn’t get a chance to get into previous stories.

So here they are:

Stepping up

Two of the unsung heroes in the game were senior Trey Campbell and junior Emmanuel Butler.

I am still in awe of Butler’s touchdown catch to go up 14-0.

He ran a simple route but the pass was under thrown and the defensive back was behind Butler so the latter had to come back to the ball. He jumped up while the defensive back was pushing into Butler, but it didn’t stop Butler from reaching back and catching the ball off the defender’s back.

He came down with it and my initial thought was that’s a play I am going to see again on Sunday.

Butler got up, ran toward the Pride sideline and pulled open his shirt - ala Clark Kent/Cam Newton - as if to unveil the S on his chest.

Butler has shown some play-making ability the last two game and if he can continue to do that then doubling Jalen Brown, whose birthday was on Friday, on the other side becomes that much harder.

While Butler made one great play, Edwards played great all game long.

He had at least three pass break ups by my count and was instrumental in making Brophy quarterback Tyler Bruggman have yet another difficult statistical game against the Pride.

“We all had to come together and take away some of the stuff they like to do,” Edwards said. “I was just doing my part.”

Tough decision

Brophy’s Devon Allen and Marche Dennard came in nursing ankle injuries.

In the pregame warm-up Dennard looked fine and Allen, a track star, looked tentative.

They are both seniors and were looking at playing their last game for the Broncos.

Dennard hurt it again late in the first quarter, left the game and didn’t return until the second half when his first carry was a fumble and set up the Pride’s third touchdown for a 21-0 lead.

Allen, on the other, had seemed nothing more than a decoy the whole game as he never carried it and didn’t have a catch.

The Pride’s defense had to respect his speed early on and roll a safety his way, but after awhile it was clear Allen wasn’t close to being his dangerous self.

It might have better served the Broncos offense to put someone out there that might have made a play or two.

As good as the Pride defense was playing, it probably wouldn’t have matter.

Ranking update

With the win the Pride remained No. 1 in the state in the rankings but the interesting thing is the win moved them up 36 spots nationally and now sit at 33 overall.

A win over Hamilton, which enters the week No. 50, in the title game would most likely push them into the top 25.

The title game, if you don't know by now, is Saturday at noon at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Record book

The big offensive game against Brophy moved the Pride into No. 1 school history in total yards with 5,406 yards to break the record of 5,057 in 1995, which did that game in 14 games.

The one interception Brophy moved the defense within one of the school record of 19 set in 1995.

The 30 points dropped the scoring average to 44.1 but it is still on pace to break the mark of 36.8 set in 2009.

The team’s total points of 573 is the most in school history, ahead of the 479 from 2009.

Running back Garette Craig is 156 rushing yards short of cracking the top five in school history for one season with 1,552.

Running back Thomas Warren has 1,900 yards in his career, which surely puts him in the top 10 in school history but on the outside looking in for the top five spot as Davon Jones is fifth at 2,110 yards.

Running amok

I’ve been going to athletic events for a long time as a fan and writer, but I had never seen a female streaker.

That changed Friday night.

During the Mountain Pointe band’s halftime performance, the female, who appeared to be of high school age and was wearing a sports bra, ran behind the band while twirling her shirt above her head.

It didn’t create quite the commotion the gorilla streaker did at the Ahwatukee Bowl game.

In fact, not many noticed and she probably would have gotten away with it but she ran right to security and essentially turned herself in even though I am not quite sure he knew what she did.

Good stuff.

Do your job

Mountain Pointe went to the locker room at McClintock at halftime only find out a lot of the players had their personal belongings stolen.

Upset as they were the team remained focused.

The thing about it is the Pride administration thought ahead and hired a McClintock coach (not sure what sport) to be the security guard for the locker room.

Apparently, it did no good.

This happens more often than one might think. Desert Vista had it happen to them when the Thunder played at Saguaro last year.

The culprits know every kid brings their cell phone with them along with head phones and possibly a MP3 player.

It’s a boatload of electronics that can be easily snagged if no one is watching.

Hope the Pride administration put a stop payment on the check to the "security" guy.

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