Tempe Diablos Soccer Classic

Thunder's Olive Jones (12) looks to pass the ball during the Tempe Diablos Soccer Classic game between Desert Vista Thunder and Hamilton Huskies at Tempe Sports Complex on Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013.

By David Jolkovski, AFN

It’s not quite a Christmas miracle, but the Phoenix Sports Commission will no longer be getting a lump of coal.

The Desert Vista girls soccer team seems to have found a spot in the Arizona Soccer Showcase field after all when it looked like a clerical error was going to keep them out.

Thunder athletic director TJ Snyder said, “they are being taken care of” after it looked like for a couple of days that Desert Vista was going to be held out of the event despite the fact the program secured a spot in September.

Apparently another team in the 34-team field, according to Snyder, never paid so the Thunder were placed in a suddenly open spot. They were still waiting official confirmation but Snyder was confident the Thunder will be included in the event.

Before that it look as if the Thunder were going to have some extra down time this Christmas break after an apparent clerical error led to Desert Vista being left out of the field of the Showcase, which starts on Dec 27 at the Reach 11 Complex in Scottsdale.

According an email sent to the parents from Snyder, the program sent a check in September to secure the spot in the tournament and the check was deposited about two weeks later.

The snag apparently came after tournament organizers at the Phoenix Spots Commission never placed Desert Vista on the participation list.

It didn’t come to light until recently when the tournament field didn’t include the Thunder. Snyder and Desert Vista principal Dr. Anna Battle both contacted the Sports Commission and received only apologies instead of a solution.

That changed recently when it was discovered another team, according to Snyder, never paid.

"We were doing everything we could to get them in," Phoenix Sports Commissioner Alan Young said late Friday afternoon. "We were really scrambling to do the right thing. They paid their money and we cashed the check. Believe me were working on it.

"Then another team never paid and pulled out and it all worked out."

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