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Mountain Point's Robert Link waits on a pin call in the first round. By Jason P. Skoda, AFN

PRESCOTT VALLEY - Welcome to the exclusive AFN live blog.


Again, sorry about the lack updates. It all happened just to fast.

Here is what I produced.

Game story for Ahwatukee Foothills News:


Game story for East Valley Tribune:


Game story for West Valley News:


Semfinal results


Photo slide show


It's now 1:13 am. Time for bed.



I'm back. Apoologies, but with four mats going the round only took an hour and I couldnt get on my back up.

I will post as much as I can soon.



I will update as much as I can, but I will be on the floor a lot taking pictures and interviewing.

Again I apologize in advance. The media press box is above the arena so I am all over the place.


The big upsets came at 135 DI as SUnnyside Piedra beat undefeated Imonode of Central; DeLeon of Corona knocking off SDO's Tom DeVito at DI 171.



Here are the team standings  (top 10 only) and the semifinal matchups

Division I

Team standings

1. Sunnyside 50.5; 2. Desert Vista 39; 3. Highland, Red Mountain 37; 5. Chandler, Boulder Creek 34.5; 7. Mesa Mountain View 34; 8. Cibola, Mesa 32.5; 10. Sandra Day O’Connor 30.

Semifinal matchups

103 – Ortiz (Carl Hayde) vs. Herrera (Dobson); Reece (C. Chavez) vs. Jaimes (Cibola).

112  - Brady (Chandler) vs. Maxson (Horizon);  Avila (Westwood) vs. Covarrubias (D. Ridge).

119 – Ludwin (Cibola) vs. Jaurigue (Hamilton); Mejia (Chandler) vs. Robertson (Westwood).

125 – Maters (D. Vista) vs. Done (Highland); Andrews (BC) vs. Murillo (Sunny).

130 – Done (High) vs. Robles (Brophy); Moraga (Sunny) vs. Ross (Mtn Ridge).

135 – Piedra (Sunny) vs. DeRosa (Red Mountain); Love (DV) vs. Huber (Mesa MtnV)

140 – Bayer (N. Canyon) vs. Prevot (C. Chavez); Johnson (Gilbert) vs. Monty (Mesa MtnV).

145 – Contreras (B. Creek) vs. Haro (Tucson); Hood (Horizon) vs. Varner (Brophy).

152 – DeBerry (Sunny) vs. Lott (Red Mtn); Hannah (Dobson) vs. Verdi (Mesa).

160 –  Davis (Red Mountain) vs. Cotton (SD O’Connor); Martinez (D. Vista) vs. Coleman (Mesa).

171 – DeLeon (Corona del Sol) vs. Gonzalez (Sunny); Eddy (Boulder Creek) vs. Cattey (Gilbert)

189  - DeVito (SD O'Connor) vs. Thomas (Dobson); Oliver (High) vs. Vega (Chandler).

215 – Allen (Corona del Sol) vs. Luna (Mesa); Worth (Red Mtn) vs. Bambic (D. Vista)

HVY – Cooke (Mesquite) vs. Alexander (Mesa MtnV); Ortiz (Kofa) vs. Madrigal (Central).


Team standings

1. Ironwood Ridge 60.5; 2. Moon Valley 55; 3. Marcos de Niza 42.5; 4. Prescott 39; 5. Cienega 32; 6. Queen Creek 31; 7. Dysart 26; 8. Gila Ridge 25.5; 9. Marana 24; 10.  Marana Mountain View 22.

Semifinal matchups

103 – Trejo (M Valley) vs. Jaurique (Millennium); Dorame (Nogales) vs. Gallego (Pueblo).

112 – Hunt (Sunrise Mtn) vs. Sanchez (Cienega); Guillen (FW) vs. Cortez (Apollo).

119 – Buette (I. Ridge) vs. Locke (Verrado); Coronado (Sun Mtn) vs. Jimenez (Sunny).

125 – Solomon (QC) vs. Sandifer (I. Ridge); Jordan (G. Ridge) vs. Florez (C. Shadows).

130 – Morales (MdN) vs. Wachtel (Prescott); Deleon (M. Valley) vs. Stoppa (Chap).

135 – Blondeaux (Sahuaro) vs. Toro (D. Valley); Banayat (M. Valley) vs. Jungblth (Mar. MtnV).

140 – Kulesa (M. Valley) vs. Valdez (I. Ridge); Gudeman (Cienega) vs. Waltz (Mar. MtnV).

145 – Lock (QC) vs. Rascon (Cholla); Crawford (Goldwater) vs. Hernandez (Flowing Wells).

152 – Selvy (Dysart) vs. Ortega (Goldwater); Moreno (QC) vs. Slaughter (I. Ridge).

160 – Gast (M. Valley) vs. Wilson (I. Ridge); Rivera (L. Havasua) vs. Jumbeck (G. Ridge).

171 – Bracamonte (Cienega) vs. McKelvey (Prescott); Duran (Nogales) vs. Bee (Peoria).

189  - Holwell (Glendale) vs. Howard (Marna); Berve (Prescott) vs. Adkins (Dysart).

215 – Payne (Marana) vs. Milkie (Kingman); Pavlenko (Marcos) vs. Bennalley (Peoria).

HVY – Braun (S. Mtn) vs. Castro (Marcos); Mengarelli (Prescott) vs. Foster (Ironwood).





Taking a break until about 6 p.m.


Back just in time for third period of Cattey-Allen matchup

tied at 4 heading into third

Cattey takes down

Allen decides to start neutral

5-4, Cattey

Allen gets takedown on the edge 6-5

Injury time for Cattey

Cattey escepes with 40 seconds left


restart with 14 secs

Allen forcing the tempo enitire match but OT we go

Cattey gets a double leg on the edge to win 8-6 in OT

Going to check in my hotel... be back in about a 30 minutes.


Mtn View's Monty advances with a decision over SD O'Connors McBroom. 5-1 I think.

He will take on Gilbert's Jarden Johnson in the semis


Desert Vista's Kendall Love knocks off third-seeded ALexander Buelna 7-5 and Mesa Mountain View's Grant Huber pinned second-seeded Robert Sobarzo.

Both at 135 and will now face each other in the semifinals.




Red Mountain's Matt DeRosa just pinned Dobson's Ryan Campbell.



This just in:

Moon Valley's Domingo DeLeon knocks off Ironwood Ridge's Matt Filbert 6-2 in DII


top 5 in team standings after 1st rd

Div 1

1. Highland, Cibola and Sunnyside all tied

4. SD O'Connor

5. Chandler

Div ii

1. Ironwood Ridge

2. Moon Valley

3. Marcos de Niza

4. Prescott

5. Queen Creek

Quartfinal action

Westwood's Robertson was down 5-0 and 7-4 but came back to beat Brophy's Walborn 10-7.


Next match up

Waite vs. Mejia. Always a battle.

0-0 after one

Waite defers; Mejia takes down

0-0 with 1:00 left in the second

Mejia gets recerals with three seconds left

2-0 after two

Waite takes down to start third

Stalling on  Mejia with 1:09 left

Waite escapes with 28 left

Mejia gets a russian tie and hangs on... stalling was warranted but not called

2-1 Mejia to advantage a couple of regular season defeats against Waite


Horizon's Maxson beats Cibola's Camarillo 6-2 for the right to battle Dalton Brady.


Brady advances with a 9-0 win over MP's Rojas



RMtn's Bobby Worth had a first-round pin of Brophy's Frank.


Picture time


A few of the results I took notice of....

The main match I failed to mention was Brophy's Varner, seeded 15th, dominating second-seeded Jake Ashfield of Willow Canyon, 7-2 I believe.

Ashfield couldn't do anything


Pyper of Mesa was up 9-3 after two against Hayes of Dobson. I believe he held on to win.

Dylan Hannah of Dobson beat Gilbert's Hamlett.

DV's Martinez scored a maj. dec. over Salpointe's Gadea.

DR's Hatcock pinned Mountain Pointe's Olguin

Mountain POinte's Link pinned Aguayo of Valley Vista.


Jared Johnson Gilbert vs. Jake Allen Dobson

Barrell roll gives Johnson takedown and Allen escapes


Another Tkd by Johnson, this time a duck under

4-1 after 1

Takedown No. 3 makes it 6-1 and Allen escapes

8-2. Just way too quick for Allen

14-5 heading into third period

Johnson takes down

Reversal 16-5. I clearly thought it was going to be a much better matchup this time



This matchup along with Issac Hayes at 145 taking on Mesa's third-seeded Joe Pyper will hurt Dobson's chances of repeating lat week's performance.


DV's Kendall Love beat Cibola's Pierre Gaud 3-1 in OT.


From my vantage point, I can only get a real good luck at DI action and will update when I can.

Looking forward to Johnson -Gilbert vs. Jake Allen Dobson, which is on deck.


I am starting this earlier than expected and I wasn't going to get get it going until the semifinals.

But because of the lovely seeding situation has made for some interesting preliminary matches, I will get it up and running now.

I am mostly taking pictures during the day and not really by the computer much, but I will check in with updates now and then.

Once the semis come I will be mostly at the computer so that's when the updates will come pretty regular.

As always, the freshest take is at the top.

Please login in and comment along.




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Thanks for blogging!


Any upsets or exciting matches so far?

Ive only been following DI and its has gone pretty smoothly as far as seeds advancing.
Second seeded Jake Ashfield of Willow Canyon lost 7-2 (i think) to 15th seed Marshall Varner of Brophy.


Waite - Mejia - a couple regular season losses, try 4. Beating a tough wrestler 5 times in a row is a tough task. Unfortunate draw, but we all know how bad the seeding has been.


Varner was a draw in so 15 wasn't a seed. Bad luck for the second seed as Varner is tough and has been around for awhile.


Anyone getting any updates? The AZWrestler site seems to have crashed and burned again. I know that Matters from DV beat Done, of Highland to advance to the 125 finals. Curt Done advanced to the 130 finals and Colton Oliver advanced at 189.


No apologies needed Jason. You giving us what you do is a HUGE improvement over what I have gotten in the past.


AIA website has all championship brackets updated. No consolation info yet.


I can't get any updates - team scores!?!


Jason, any D1 updates? Medal round matchups, team scores, etc?


anyone seeing Jason's updates today? Last one I see is the links to the articles from last night. The note at the top says updated at 3:50. I've logged out and back in, reset the cache. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems?

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