Kevin Cron is enjoying his last summer of freedom.

The recent Mountain Pointe graduate decided against playing summer baseball, knowing it will consume about the next 15 summers or so if all goes as planned.

"Regardless of what decision I make this is the last summer I'd have a chance to hang out with friends and do some things outside of baseball," he said by phone recently. "I am working out on my own, trying to get in better shape and get stronger and just get better on that end of things."

After a fantastic career and senior year for the Pride, Cron was drafted in the third round by the Mariners. He is also committed to Texas Christian. The deadline to go pro or head off to Texas is Aug. 15.

Cron is no closer to making that decision than the day he was drafted as he hasn't had a chance to talk to the Mariners yet.

As the date gets close, and some MLB regulations loosen up, negotiations will begin, but until then the slugging catcher is just having fun.

He didn't really give an indication as to what way he might be leaning but did say his brother's experience, although different, was nothing but positive.

"He had a lot of success in college and he made the most of it," Kevin said of C.J.'s time at Utah where he went from a 44th round pick out of high school to the 17th overall selection. "In talking to him, he would do it all over again. It's a different situation (Kevin third round, CJ 44th round) but he had a great career in college."

Cron said it may turn on what he wants to experience.

"It really comes down to whether you want to get to college, study and try and help your team win the College World Series for the next three or four years and improve that way or go pro and try and make the steady climb that way," he said. "I'm not really leaning any way yet because nothing has really happened with the Mariners."



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