Karl Kiefer is retired.

The Arizona Football Coaches Association is looking for retired coaches to take an Arizona all-star team over to California for an exhibition football game.

So why not one of the few men who have won 300 games in Arizona?

Because he is tired.

“I’m not just retired, I’m tired,” said the former Mountain Pointe coach. “I wouldn’t be interested. I had my time and did plenty of all-star games. Let some of the other retired guys do it.”

Here is the back story.

The AIA by-laws do not allow all-star games within the school year, which means in previous years, the game was held in June.

It meant a lot of the big names in Arizona didn’t play whether it was against another Arizona all-star squad or last year’s game against California.

Many were under scholarship and felt they didn’t need to risk getting hurt.

Oh, and it’s probably around 115 degrees.

If the game is played in January, before anyone officially signs their letter of intent, the game would not only create a better pool of players but allow for college recruiters an opportunity to see a recruit against top talent.

It was one of the reasons the Canyon-Coast Classic All-Star Football Game, which will held be held in Riverside, CA on MLK Day, Jan. 21, 2013, between some of the top Arizona and Southern California high school football players, was moved.

The rub is the AIA’s won’t let the coaches do it.

The AzFCA requested permission on Dec. 14 at the AIA’s Executive Board meeting to coach the game.

The association has said, in form of a letter by Westview coach Jeff Bowen, the game will be played one way or another.

And that could include having retired Arizona coaches grabbing the whistles.

Just don’t count Kiefer among them.

“I think it would be a good idea to play it in January for the exposure,” Kiefer said. “I guess they have to listen to the governing body. It’s a great chance for the kids.”

Local players expected to participate are Mountain Pointe’s Garette Craig, Landry Payne, and Travonn White.

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