Pride running back Deontay Townsend (25) runs the ball during the football game between Chandler and Mountain Pointe at Chandler on Friday, Sept. 20, 2013.

[David Jolkovski/AFN]

The Mountain Pointe stumble against Hamilton in the state title game happened 10 months ago.

I didn’t really touch on what it means heading into this week’s clash because the answers from the players and coaches involved are so wide ranging.

The Pride’s Trey Lauer says the team flushed that loss out long ago. They remember the feeling of losing, but it doesn’t have any bearing on Friday’s No. 1 vs. No. 2 battle.

Meanwhile, senior defensive end Charlie Trevino has a different take. He said it has been a prevalent thought every day since.

“Everybody on this team has,” Trevino told the Arizona Republic. “The one team that’s been on our mind is Hamilton. This game (beating Chandler) was big, but that’s the granddaddy of them all.”

Trevino continued on with his thoughts on the state title game: “(It’s) one of the best moments of my life just being there and then one of the worst moments of my life. Hamilton has been in our subconscious since then. We have to take care of them.”

Everyone has their own thoughts and reasons to be motivated. My daughter answer searches all the time between my wife and I. Reporters can do the same. Keep asking until you hear what you want.

It’s only human nature to want to gain some level retribution when facing an opponent that already beat you.

The most important thing is it is clear Mountain Pointe isn’t intimidated by lining up across from Hamilton, which isn’t always the case with the teams on the Huskies schedule.

It all adds up to a pretty special regular season game that should bring in a standing-room only crowd.

“Everyone was ready, but we just couldn’t get it going,” Pride senior tackle Kyle Spight said of loss last November. “We are just trying to win a state championship this year; we aren’t worried about what happened last year.”

My prediction: Mountain Pointe 24, Hamilton 13

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