The new power rankings system, now powered by MaxPreps, do not match the thinking of most of the state's media.

While Mountain Pointe is No. 1 in all (I believe) media polls, the Pride are No. 3 in the first installment of power rankings.

Red Mountain is No. 1, Basha two and Mountain Pointe three.

Desert Ridge and Valley Vista round out the top five, while Desert Vista comes in at No. 11.

It is just three games into the season so it isn't a large sample size and considering Hamilton is currently No. 28 (which hurts the Pride) there will be major changes in the weeks to come.

Speaking of change, the AIA asked for MaxPrep's help after last year's fiasco after a local number whiz pointed out a flaw in the AIA's version of the formula that decided what teams made the playoffs.

The power point rankings used to list all of the numbers needed to figure out the end result, but that is now gone.

The explanation of the formula is as follows:

The AIA Seedings powered by MaxPreps, the nation's leading high school web site, relies upon a statistical method known as “Binary Pair Comparison”, whereby the number of data points used for a team’s ranking is compensated for within the equation and only a team’s win‐loss‐tie record is required.

The algorithm is iterative and converges rapidly to the final result using a mid‐level performance PC.

The algorithm is derived utilizing statistical mathematics presented in a research paper titled: “A Solution to the Unequal Strength of Schedule Problem” by Roy Bethel in 2005.

While MaxPreps has made minor adjustments to the algorithm, the foundation of the algorithm is contained in Bethel’s paper.

Additional background can be found here.

It has to be upgrade from the past mistakes and hopefully keeps all of the attention on the field.

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