TUCSON - Ah, the Caballero.

It's the most coveted trophy in all of Arizona wrestling.

The Flowing Wells Invite finals are here start following and we will do our best to keep it coming.

My predicted winner in bold

FYI, the trackwrestling debacle from yesterday was because they had to re enter every wrestler at 5 pm

Jro Byrd (knee) didnt weigh in this morning at all so he technically doesnt lose any of the matches, and didnt place

Most of the champions are getting their brackets from their moms


OW: Padgilao Santiago 145



1. Sunnyside 240

2. Mesa Mountain View 169

3. Corona del SOl 160.50

4. Santiago 160

5. Ironwood Ridge 145

6. Chandler 134.50

7. Cibola 120.5

8. Desert Vista 117

9. Thunderbird 113

10. Boulder Creek 100



HVY – Villegas (Sunny) vs. Uasike (Mesa Mt View)

scoreless after one

Villegas down to start second

1-0 Villegas to start the third

Uasike down to start the third

1-1 with 1:40 left after escape

lot of hand fighting and leaning on each other, but no serious attacks


Uasike gets the takedown just as he called for stallong

3-1 OT win


220 – Lattner (Chandler) vs. Penniston (RR)

scoreless after one

Penniston escapes with 1:08 left

second stallingon Lattner 2-0

Lattner down to start third

second stalling on Penniston at 1:38


Escape Lattner, 2-2

Lattner nearly gets two on head and arm, tied at 1:00

A good stance is optional right now as they are both lumbering

OT here we come

Lattner gets the double to a dump for the 4-2 OT win


195 – Miller (Willcox) vs. Gonzalez (Sunny)

 Takedown  Gonzalez

restart at 20 seconds

2-2 after one

Gonzales down, escapes and gets the takedown


5-3 after escape

7-4 after another takedown, escape exchange

Gonalzes down to start the third, escapes at the 1:00 mark

8-4 final




182 – Bambic (DV) vs. Clare (Corona)

This is rematch from Wednesday night dual meet, Bambic won 5-2 i believe

Still cant get over the body transformation by Bambic now that he is 182 from 215 two years ago

Clare has a long toro and short legs, hard to get that blast double that Bambic loves

The drop single is there though, and he nearly got one on the edge

restart at 1:06

scoreless after one

Bambic takes down

ecape and take down (missed it because i am being harrassed by Wokasch)

escape Clare, 49 seconds

3-1 after 2

Clare takes down



quick takedown by Bambic


Bambic working the the elbow series, keeping the pressure on

5-2 final



170 – Huber (Mesa MtV) vs. Moore (Queen Creek)

the second of three all SEV finals

Moore leading blood time for Huber

Hubert gets reversal off the whistle


Moore escapes at 33 secs

Huber down to  start the second

Not much action, good mat wrestling on both sides

This one has lessened the crowds intensity after that battle at 160

Moore down to start the third, leading 3-2

Escapes at 1:30

 Huber forcing the action, down to 17 at restart

4-2 final



160 – Gaud (Cibola) vs. Tursini (Corona)

May favorite matchup of the night

similar styles


Handing fighting and looking for control, Gaud  blocks shot attempt, a 30 seconds

Takedown Gaud with 10 seconds left, Tursini hits about three moves in the that remaining time but to no avail

Gaud down to start second

3-0 with 1 minutes left in second after delay with Martinez questioning escape on the edge

4-0 after 2, Gaud award a penalty not sure why, Martinez calls ref to table for second time

Tursini takes down, escapes off the whistle

steps in for a far leg attack, Gaud hips in and gets the take down


Tursini escapes 6-2

TV for scraping face on Gaud


gaud in deep, tursini scrambles out

neutral at restart with 34

Gaud hit with third stalling tp make it 6-6 Gaud

sends it into out

Turisni gets the takedown on the edge 8-6

new rule.. the stallings came quick at the end

best match of the night

and thats the fi


152 – Filbert (IR) vs. Moran (Chandler)

One of the more anticipated

down to 1:10 with no scoring with stalemate ending a Filbert shot attempt

Filbert works his way to takedown and the Moran escapes with 5 secs

2-1 adter one

Moran defers, Filbert takes down

 Escapes at 1:35, 3-1 Filbert

a lot of scrambling and near points, but not much scoring

3-1 after two

Moran takes down

Filbert locks in tough tilt for 5-1 lead at 1:13

comes back with another to take control

7-1 31 secs

Moran escapes in the final 10 seconds to make it 7-2


145 – Lopez (Rio Rico) vs. Pagdilao (Santiago)

Michigan State recruit in Pagdilao

5-0 after take down and cradle

7-0 after one

Lopez down to start the second

The Santiago/Calif style is something I havent seen much of since coming here 8 years ago for OH. The Monty brothers are similar with their Michigan background.. coaches should be showing some videos of these matches to their kids

attack, keep pressure on top and be physical

with that said  stalling on Pagdilao

7-0 after two

Lopez has done a good job of staying in the match, despite not scoring but he is working hard and putting Pagdilao in some bad positions but he the latter is able to get back in control

 7-0 final


138 – Moraga (Sunnyside) vs. Longo (Santiago)

 This might be the best match up the night with Longo being a Fargo runner up and Moraga one of Sunnyside's best

Moraga tried a crazy expose his back, granby type move from the neutral position and Longo got the takedown out of it

2-0 after 1

Longo down to start second, hits a nice switch after hitting the mat after a being brought down on a standup


Stalling on Longo, with 43 secs let

Moraga gets to his feet a few times and finally scores with 4 seconds left

4-1 after two

Miranda takes down, escapes 4-2 with 1:30 left

Tight inside single by Miranda but Longo scrambles to a solid position, gets stalemate, restart at 37 seconds

Miranda driving on a double, Longo cranking on head, stopped for eye problem for Longo, restart leads to no points

4-2 final


132 –Mason (Mesa Mtv View) vs. Farina (Corona)

Farina with the takedown, kicks him out

working on the head and arm, gets another 2, 4-1 

throws in near fall, 6-1

poring it on now with a five point move to stat the second, now has a tilt locked in

After a kick, hits another big move for the 17-2 tech fall with 27 seconds left in the second. Looks to be in top form


126 – Moran (Chandler) vs. Olivas (Sunnyside)

Olivas gets a good defensive takedown

Reversal and cradle in the final 12 seconds for a 4-2 lead for Moran

Moran down to start the second

Reversal gets a reversal on the edge with 40 seconds left


Olivas down to start the third, escapes 6-3

Under a minute now

Olivas with a take down with 30, kicks him out

stalling on Moran makes it 7-6

OLivas pushed him, was forcing the action at the end

7-6 final




120 – Miranda (Sunnyside, 33-0) vs. Thomas (Santiago, 28-5)

Thomas is 11-0 in amateur MMA fights... maybe i should chance my pick

Miranda in deep on a double, 2-0 58 secs left

Rides him out

Thomas defers, Miranda goes neutral

Miranda fights off a good  inside single by Thomas

still neutral at the 1:00 mark

 Miranda catches an ankle, moves in on double and got the takedown at 31 second mark

4-0 after two, Thomas takes top, another sign of a California style difference

 stepped away, 5-1 Miranda with 30 left, nuetral

Miranda with a takedown with 10 seconds left

7-1 final


113- Janis (Mar. Mt View) vs. Olivas (Sunnyside)

2-0 start for Janis

Olivas has some plastic man to him as he got a reversal that put his knee at an odd angle but get it anyay, 2-2

Janis nearly hits a switch but Olivas follows

Escape Janis

3-2 after one

Olivas working the cross body, but called for pot. dangerous

1:01 left in second, restart after stalemate

Janis gets one with 7 second left, pushing Janis off the mat on a stand up


Olivas is down to start third

Some crazy scrambling going on,  tied on a Olivas reversal with 46 left

Janis donkey kicks out of cross body takes Olivas to his back for a 5-point move, kicks him at the end for a 9-5 win

great match


106 – Calderon (Maryvale, 38-2) vs. Lacayo (Santiago, 10-1)

 No shots in the first minute

Stalling on Lacayo

A lot of hand fighting, not much action.

Scoreless after one

Calderon down to start second

A tight tilt gives the Calif kid a 2-0 lead

stalemate called with 50 left in second. restart

A second stalling and two more near falls makes it 6-0 to start third

Calderon down again to start the period

Stopped for blood time, Locayo

Locayo showing some old time riding, lost art

He keeps that pressure in the square of Claderon's back. He might be only 106, but it probably feels like 200 the way he keeps the pressure on

and that's the final 6-0



Quick observations: Where would Chandler be with Dalton Brady's points (back issues) and Mesa Mountain View with Seth Monty

Santiago from Calif have some impressive wrestlers with four finalists through 145 pounds




Marana Mountain View's Bailey Janis was given the $1,200 scholarship award.


Semifinal pairings

106 – Calderon (Maryvale) vs. Lacayo (Santiago)

113- Janis (Mar. Mt View) vs. Olivas (Sunnyside)

120 – Miranda (Sunnyside) vs. Thomas (Santiago)

126 – Moran (Chandler) vs. Olivas (Sunnyside)

132 –Mason (Mesa Mtv View) vs. Farina (Corona)

138 – Moraga (Sunnyside) vs. Longo (Santiago)

145 – Lopez (Rio Rico) vs. Pagdilao (Santiago)

152 – Filbert (IR) vs. Moran (Chandler)

160 – Gaud (Cibola) vs. Tursini (Corona)

170 – Huber (Mesa MtV) vs. Moore (Queen Creek)

182 – Bambic (DV) vs. Clare (Corona)

195 – Miller (Willcox) vs. Gonzalez (Sunny)

220 – Lattner (Chandler) vs. Penniston (RR)

HVY – Villegas (Sunny) vs. Uasike (Mesa Mt View)



Team standings

1. Sunnyside 232

2. Mesa Mountain View 165

3. Corona del Sol 151

4. Ironwood Ridge

5. Santiago 148

6. Chandler 126.5

7. Cibola 120.5

8. Thunderbird, Desert Vista 113

10. Boulder Creek 100

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